October 2009

Oct 23, 2009

Google Analytics beta version Oct 2009

Tweet As you know, Screen Pages are GAACs — Google Analytics Authorised Consultants. Last week Google hosted a four day summit at which they introduced the consultants to new features in Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics. This post provides a very brief overview of what’s coming in the next few weeks. Some of it [Read more]

Oct 20, 2009

How to plan your online business

Tweet We chaired a “Build your brand’s sales online” session at Ecommerce Expo featuring contributions from Thorntons and the RSPB. Very compelling material, indeed. I was asked to post my own slides on “how to plan your business”, discussing how to achieve your sales target by measured visitor acquisition…

Oct 14, 2009

Magento e-commerce video and demo

Tweet We get a lot of requests for the Magento e-commerce demonstration. There are also two very good introductory videos: one on the Magento storefront and one on the Admin Panel. We have made a page as an easy reference for access to the Magento video and demonstration.