December 2011

Dec 30, 2011

Most popular e-commerce articles of 2011

Tweet From our Google Analytics page view analysis, these are the most popular news stories and articles from our website in 2011, as voted by you – the reader. 1. Mobile Research A study piece which shows that 10% of traffic came from mobile devices, but it converts at 40% less.iPads however perform more like [Read more]

Dec 29, 2011

E-commerce traffic source article: best of 2011

Tweet We are thrilled to see that our article on the sources of online traffic remains one of the Top 10 articles on the ECMOD Direct Commerce website. The other most popular articles are listed here. There are good articles on usability, email and catalogue marketing and social media for lead generation.

Dec 28, 2011

Webmaster tools information in Google Analytics

Tweet Timely summary Google about how to link your Webmaster tools account to Google Analytics. This means that in one place you can see a summary of your website’s SEO performance directly from your Google Analytics account. The SEO reports in Google Analytics appear under the Traffic Sources section in the My Site tab of [Read more]

Dec 28, 2011

E-commerce page sizes

Tweet The average website page is now about 965 kilobytes in size, reveals a study of top sites by the HTTP Archive. The figure is 33% up on the same period in 2010 when the average webpage was a svelte 726 kilobytes.  Big pages generally take longer to load, which can mean visitors quit if [Read more]

Dec 18, 2011

My Sure Supply


Dec 18, 2011

Shima Uma


Dec 09, 2011

Magento performance and scaleability

Tweet Screen Pages recently analysed the performance of its Magento hosting system during a busy seasonal period on a client’s website. In summary, we have every confidence that Magento can scale significantly – at relatively low cost – to handle large volumes of transactions. Screen Pages is aware that some Magento website owners struggle with [Read more]

Dec 07, 2011

Online shoppers give up after 4 minutes

Tweet Online shoppers will typically give up trying to make a purchase after four minutes if they have not been able to get through the retailer’s security checks, a new study has found. Research for Experian revealed that 44% of people had abandoned an online shopping transaction because the checks were taking too long and [Read more]

Dec 07, 2011

50 ways to increase your e-commerce sales: Roger Willcocks at Meet Magento

Tweet Screen Pages was invited to speak at the Meet Magento conference in London, in November. Close to 400 people attended and many listened to Roger Willcocks present 50 hints and tips to increase the sales performance of your Magento e-commerce website. You can now watch the presentation in video in full: For those of [Read more]