Most popular e-commerce articles of 2011

From our Google Analytics page view analysis, these are the most popular news stories and articles from our website in 2011, as voted by you – the reader.

1. Mobile Research
A study piece which shows that 10% of traffic came from mobile devices, but it converts at 40% less.iPads however perform more like PCs.

2. Real world check outs with Google Analytics
An amusing video highlighting critical points in the e-commerce checkout process with reference to the real world.

3. Where e-commerce traffic comes from
An analysis piece summarising where and how online traffic will come to your e-commerce website.

4. 50 ways to increase your e-commerce sales
A 20 minute video of Roger Willcocks speaking at Meet Magento

5. Link building
Detailed article with 25 ways on how to generate links to your website

6. Online fashion sales statistics
A compendium of e-commerce statistics from Drapers

7. Hush re-platforms to Magento
News release about Hush – the lounge & pyjama wear company – moving to Magento

8. Donald Russell launches new Magento-based website

News release about Donald Russell – the online butcher – moving to Magento

9. Planning a new website
A “no holds barred” article about what you should be considering when you plan a new website

10. Magento performance & scaleability

Detailed analysis of a high volume traffic peak to illustrate Magento’s scaleability

Webmaster tools information in Google Analytics

Timely summary Google about how to link your Webmaster tools account to Google Analytics. This means that in one place you can see a summary of your website’s SEO performance directly from your Google Analytics account.
The SEO reports in Google Analytics appear under the Traffic Sources section in the My Site tab of Analytics. These reports provide the following general data about your site’s performance in Google Web Search results:

  • Queries users typed to reach your site
  • Number of impressions of your website’s URLs in search results pages
  • The number of clicks on your website’s URLs from search results pages
  • The ratio of clicks to impressions for your website’s URLs
  • The average position of your website’s URLs in search listings
  • The pages visitors landed on when clicking on search results listing your site

Read the full article on Google’s blog.

E-commerce page sizes

The average website page is now about 965 kilobytes in size, reveals a study of top sites by the HTTP Archive. The figure is 33% up on the same period in 2010 when the average webpage was a svelte 726 kilobytes.  Big pages generally take longer to load, which can mean visitors quit if a page takes too long to appear.

Keep them small!

Full article at the BBC.

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