E-commerce approach: do carousels work?

Interesting article from Predictive Intent on the effectiveness of carousels (those hero content areas which rotate images).

“Last year we carried out an A/B split test with a client using a vertical scroller, displaying 3 products at any one time on the left-hand sidebar, whilst requesting 12 suggestions in total – enough for three “scrolls”. Clickthrough to a suggestion was just 1.38%, generating 1.6% of their revenue.

In the version without a scroller, which requested and displayed only 4 products, clickthrough to suggestions shot up to 6.54% – an increase of 374%! Direct revenue attributable to this block also rose to 4.8%.”

Internet trends

Inspirational & insightful slides from Mary Meeker, a partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and former financial analyst during the 1998-2001 Internet bubble.

She discusses “the re-imagination of nearly everything” powered by mobile and social, with a torrent of slides tracing what was then and what is now. She also looks at the mismatch between mobile growth and mobile monetization, pulling together numbers and analysis of one of the biggest weaknesses in today’s Internet industry.

And she gives some context to the state of the global economy and that in the U.S., in particular today’s climate.

KPCB Internet Trends – Mary Meeker

Congratulations to our clients winning awards: Real Flowers & Donald Russell

Congratulations to our clients winning awards: Real Flowers & Donald Russell

Two clients have won exciting awards in recent days.

Woman and home magazine’s food editor, Jane Curran, recommended great websites to buy good food online or via mail order and put Donald Russell at the top of the list for its selection of top-notch beef and venison, welfare-kind veal, Scottish fish and seafood.

Donald Russell

Real Flowers was awarded a prestigious RHS Certificate of Merit at the Chelsea Flower Show; the highest award the RHS grant for stand design and presentation.

Real Flowers

Top 10 web trends from Steve Case (AOL founder)

We h ave to assume Steve Case knows what he is doing – he did found AOL.

Here’s his list, but you can read the whole article here:

1. International web businesses going USA
2. Traditional big media companies will spin out some of their selected acquired web businesses
3. B to B spending will be hot
4. Curation – by humans – will become important.
5. Hyper local will be in.
6. Video streaming, at any time, anywhere and to any device.
7. Verticals will rule.
8. The sharing economy will boom.
9. Crowdsourcing and funding initiatives will multiply.
10. Big data will make lives easier

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