The Ramp People Press Release

The Ramp People Press Release

The Ramp People appoint Screen Pages to transform their eCommerce websites with Magento 2

Oct 2019 – The Ramp People appointed Screen Pages in July 2019 to support, manage and further develop their Magento 2 sites. The company trades globally and has 4 sites:-

Founded in 2006, The Ramp People™ sell wheelchair ramps, cable protectors and vehicle ramps to improve mobility for individuals and businesses alike. Their aim is to supply their customers with the best product for their needs, at the keenest price, and as quickly as possible, worldwide.

Indeed Stephen Hawking, the well-known physicist and cosmologist, gave a 5-star review praising The Ramp People’s innovative products and saying “Most houses have thresholds which are a big problem for wheelchair users. These ramps are a great help.

As the company grew online, The Ramp People identified the need for the right Magento Solution Partner to help expand their online sales and improve customer service over the next few years.

Key goals for the websites included:

  • Improve the checkout
  • Increase payment options for customers by implementing Adyen which supports over 250 payment options globally
  • Implement Amazon Pay
  • Implement PayPal in context checkout for improved user experience
  • Addressing a number of usability issues and bugs for mobile visitors

“Our business was expanding rapidly on Magento, but we needed access to greater e-commerce and Magento experience backed by professional development and a structured project management and support team. We could see that Screen Pages – as a Professional Magento Solution Partner with a track record in B2B and B2C – could provide us with this. We have been exceptionally pleased with the results so far: the sites are running smoothly, and we can see positive results already.”

Philip Shaw, Founder of The Ramp People

Sarah Willcocks, CEO and Owner of Screen Pages said, “The Ramp People are a great example of a successful owner-managed business that has grown over the years, developed with a clear focus and sound execution. We are pleased to be working with them to provide the right level of advice, technical resource and management to support their ambitions.”

Magento is the easiest and smoothest implementation for any modern cloud commerce platform. It uses an open-source ecosystem. Flexible for B2C, B2B, and hybrid solutions, Magento extends beyond the shopping cart.

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Prep your website for Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019

Prep your website for Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2019

Prepare your website for BFCM 2019

Posted by Screen Pages on 29/10/2019

Black Friday & Cyber Monday will be taking place on November 29th and December 1st this year and you can never start preparing too early!

Although it can be stressful, it’s imperative to optimise your website for the influx of visitors you will undoubtedly get over that weekend. Consumers are psychologically and financially prepped to spend money, so give them an online experience that will encourage that.


Here are a few tips to maximise your website’s traffic and shopper engagement:


1. Make sure your website can handle the surge.

Just like a physical store, your online store has a maximum capacity it can hold before it inevitably crashes. Speak with your agency and hosting provider several weeks in advance to ensure that you, and they, have the time to take the necessary steps to allow for a surge of traffic.


2. Is your website responsive and have you tested it on mobile devices?

Almost half of all B2C traffic comes from mobile devices, so if your website is not displaying correctly on these it is unlikely that a visitor will have a good User Experience. Poor UX will lead to high bounce rates and, you guessed it, poor sales.


3. Is your website secure?

According to Hubspot, 84% of people will not make a purchase if they are dealing with an unsecured website. Make visitors feel safe to spend money with you by communicating that their card details and data are secure throughout the buying journey on your online store.

 “Holiday retail sales are forecast to rise up to 5% in 2019, exceeding $1.1 trillion”


4. Do you have live chat?

The best time to deal with a visitor’s query is immediately. Does your website have live chat functionality? If your customer service is sub-par, the visitor is likely to bounce right off the page and cut their journey short without making a purchase.


5. The gambit

Do you have a few particularly popular items on your website? Take the risk of putting them on a fantastic, limited-time offer – that will get customers onto your site where they will be more likely to view your other products and offers and, hopefully, increase your AOV.


6. Alternative Offers

If you don’t want to take that risk, try other enticing offers on your products. This could be a bundle offer to boost your AOV, offers with countdowns, free shipping on certain products or free gifts with orders over a certain value.


7. Create contingency plans.

Think about the worst case scenarios – from a page crashing to your inventory selling out. How can you overcome those on the day? It’s much easier to plan ahead than to try to deal with it on the day as best you can.


8. Start the countdown campaigns.

Use your social media and your digital marketing to start countdown campaigns! Use blurred images with the offer percentage beside them, send reminders before the sale starts and before it ends, provide your subscribers with exclusive offers, etc. Be as visual and appealing as possible, especially on social media where you could even reach out to an influencer to boost your audience.
According to Hubspot, emails that display incorrectly on mobile may be deleted within three seconds so don’t forget to optimise your emails for mobile devices.

“In 2018 alone, online sales during Black Friday reached a total of $6.2 billion, growing 23.6% year-over year.”

Adobe Analytics

9. Timing

Even within the frenzy of BFCM, there are certain times that people are more likely to search online and make purchases. Use your tracking data from last year to see when your traffic spiked and plan campaigns around those times.


10. Have you set up abandoned cart emails?

Potential customers with every intention of buying will get distracted during the buying process by work or personal commitments. Make sure you send out abandoned basket emails to encourage them to complete their purchases.


11. What is your returns policy?

Ensure that you communicate this throughout the site and consider making it even easier for customers to return unwanted goods. Poor returns policies are one of the main reasons customers abandon baskets.


12. Improve shipping information.

Capture an international audience by showing Delivered Duties Paid (DDP) pricing at checkout, which accounts for duties and taxes when calculating the total price for an order. By doing this, a customer won’t be hit with a surprise fee that has to be paid before getting their package or experience additional delivery delays.


13. Plan ahead

Use tracking data to get better insights into your new and returning customers. This will help you optimise next year’s planning and BFCM sales!

If you need help managing your website, call us on 01932 359 160

Source: ShipperHQ, How to Run a Successful 2019 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Shipping Strategy
Shipping insights from 400+ Merchants during Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2018

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MLEU: Magento launches Amazon Sales channel for UK merchants

MLEU: Magento launches Amazon Sales channel for UK merchants

NEW: Grow your Magento store with Amazon

Posted by Screen Pages on 22/10/2019

Magento announces: new Amazon sales channel launched to enable UK Magento merchants to grow

“As a B2C or B2B merchant with business growth goals, you know it’s important to expand the visibility of your product offerings to as many customers as possible, and with Amazon now the world’s largest marketplace, you need an efficient way to sell and distribute to Amazon shoppers. With Amazon Sales Channel in Magento, you get the ease and familiarity of a direct integration to the Amazon U.S., Canada, Mexico, and UK marketplaces  so you can seamlessly gain access to millions of new customers. Now you can manage your Amazon sales directly within your Magento admin and keep your product listings consistent through the management of your Magento catalog.

Features include:

  • Seamless Integration

From the ease and familiarity of the Magento Admin, you’ll have continuously synchronized product catalog, inventory, and order information.

  • Intelligent Pricing

Almost 90% (~82%) of sales are from the Amazon Buy Box position. Leverage Magento’s competitive intelligent repricing to automatically reprice your Amazon listings to increase the chances of winning the Buy Box.

  • Listing Management

Easily control which products sync to your Amazon marketplace using listing rules, and build new products in Magento from Amazon listings.

  • Fulfillment Management

Fulfill your own orders, use fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), or a combination of both to get orders into your customers hands.

  • Order Management

Manage your orders from a centralized location within the Magento sales order grid. Ship or cancel orders, and build customer profiles from a single console.

  • Inventory Management

Automatically maintain inventory synchronization between your catalog and Amazon listings. Utilize inventory marketing tactics on Amazon to increase urgency to the buyer.

  • Business Pricing (B2B)

B2B functionality allows merchants with business accounts to purchase from each other with the expected performance of the shopping experience within Amazon. With B2B pricing, you can offer other businesses tiered pricing based on the quantity purchased to increase your Amazon sales.”


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The International Retailer: Globalising Your eCommerce Business

The International Retailer: Globalising Your eCommerce Business

The International Retailer – Globalising Your eCommerce Business

Posted by Screen Pages on 18/10/2019


On Wednesday October 16th, Sarah Willcocks, CEO of Screen Pages, joined other experts in their field at The Fashion Network and The Ecommerce Clubs joint workshop for fashion retailers (and beyond) interested in expanding their business abroad. 

Sarah covered technical and platform considerations for merchants thinking of selling abroad, including how to pick the right platforms for your business and key mistakes to avoid.

Overall, the agenda was packed with content that would be of value to any eCommerce business wanting to go global, including:


  • Why Global? The Strategic Considerations – Smartebusiness


  • International Payments & Currency Considerations – Klarna


  • Managing Logistics Globally – Seko Logistics


  • Global Marketing & Communications Strategies – Dotdigital



See full agenda here.

If you are considering taking your eCommerce website global, call us now on +44 1932 359 160

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B2C eCommerce benchmarks [Q3 2019]

B2C eCommerce benchmarks [Q3 2019]

B2C eCommerce benchmark data [Q3 2019]

Posted by Screen Pages on 04/10/2019

Check out our Google Analytics benchmark data for July – September 2019 for B2C eCommerce websites.

The businesses indexed are limited to multichannel retailers whose online sales range up to £15 m per annum with average order values of £163. Their websites are all built on the eCommerce platform Magento (an Adobe company), on either version 1 or 2. In aggregate, this latest report tracks the behaviour of over 5 million website visitors across 27 websites.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Donald Russell, Margaret Howell, Christopher Ward and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs Average
Average order value £163
£ per visit £1.64
Conversion rate 1.7%
Engagement/bounce Average
Bounce rate 47.6%
Home page bounce 19.2%
Traffic sources = organic search Average
% of visits 49%
Bounce rate 44%
Conversion rate 1.6%
Traffic sources = paid search Average
% of visits 14%
Bounce rate 45%
Conversion rate 2.05%
Traffic sources = email Average
% of visits 12%
Bounce rate 48%
Conversion rate 2.3%
Traffic sources = direct Average
% of visits 15%
Bounce rate 51%
Conversion rate 1.9%
Traffic sources = referrals Average
% of visits 6%
Bounce rate 45%
Conversion rate 2.4%

Standout figures

  • Overall conversion rates ranged from 0.35% to 9.6%.
  • Average Order Values and £ per visit only slightly differed to Q2.
  • Conversion rates on email traffic decreased to Q1 values, indicating that email marketing campaigns may need to be improved.
  • Bounce rates (as a measure of engagement) showed a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 19% versus 48%, meaning merchants need to work harder on making other landing pages compelling and personalising content for visitors.

Desktop usage


% of visits


Bounce on desktop %


Conversion on desktop %


Tablet usage


% of visits


Bounce on tablet %


Conversion on tablet %


Mobile usage


% of visits


Bounce on mobile %


Conversion on mobile %


Standout figures

  • Bounce rates and conversion rates on all devices remained on par with previous quarters.
  • Mobile accounted for the majority of site traffic but still converted poorly, in comparison. This reinforces the idea that consumers often begin their buying journey on mobile but complete it on desktop, which accounts for more than half of all sales.


Site search usage

Conversion Rate from site search

Bounce Rate from site search













Standout figures

  • Compared to the conversion rates included in Tables 1 and 2, it is evident that site search converts at a much higher rate across all devices.
  • However, site search usage is low, possibly indicating that merchants are not promoting their search properly on their websites.
  • Bounce rates from site search are also much lower in comparison; the average bounce rate from site search was 17.5%.

Disclaimer: Google Analytics data is not always 100% accurate.

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