Google Analytics beta version Oct 2009

As you know, Screen Pages are GAACs — Google Analytics Authorised Consultants. Last week Google hosted a four day summit at which they introduced the consultants to new features in Google Website Optimizer and Google Analytics. This post provides a very brief overview of what’s coming in the next few weeks. Some of it is already live….


Checkout buttons – a $300m decision

A single form can prevent customers from purchasing products from major e-commerce sites. “The form was simple. The fields were Email Address and Password. The buttons were Login and Register. The link was Forgot Password. It was the login form for the site. It’s a form users encounter all the time. How could they have problems with it?”…


Google Analytics help and support

As a Google Analytics Authorised Consultant, we are frequently asked for technical and implementation assistance for Google Analytics. Our own expertise is limited to the field of e-commerce and online retail websites, which have particular tracking and analytics needs and our services are limited to this domain.
However, we are pleased to provide this list of useful resources and reference tools for further assistance to the those who are lost.


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