B2B e-commerce: driving sales with B2C experience [video]

Magento recently sponsored the “Driving B2B Growth With Consumer-like Experiences” webinar that focused on the evolving world of B2B eCommerce and how businesses use B2C best practices to fuel their growth. It featured contributions from Forrester & Internet Retailer. B2B e-commerce is more than twice the size of B2C in the United States ($780 billion vs. $325 billion). Forrester also reports that B2B eCommerce will top $1.1 trillion in the US by 2020, and that mobile will represent 26% of B2B traffic by 2016.

Here are the slides & commentary.

Spring Fair 2015: how to increase your online sales [slides]

Roger Willcocks’ presentation at Spring Fair 2015. “A whistle-stop, rapid fire tour of e-commerce tips and advice that retailers can implement on their e-commerce websites based our experience working with the creative, marketing, and technical teams of hundreds of niche retailers. The talk covers practical examples of ways in which you can increase traffic, improve engagement and conversions and generate more sales from retail websites.”

E-commerce predictions for 2015 [interviews from @OmetriaData]

E-commerce predictions for 2015 [interviews from @OmetriaData]

It’s that time of year when the pundits start predicting. Here’s the first set of e-commerce predictions, collated by Ometria.

Here’s a summary, but they’re all covered in detail in a rather splendid infographic.

– The connected (multi-device, mobile) consumer
– Personalisation & segmentation
– Paid social advertising
– Mobile payments
– Content marketing
– ApplePay
– Lean, mean marketing teams
– Community story-telling
– Creativity in SEO
– Single view of customer
– Focussed messaging
– Better use of data
– Internationalisation
– Social targetting
– Process, centralisation & effectiveness
– Inter-departmental cohesion
– Cross-device marketing & video
– Adding value beyond purchase
– Data-driven decision-making

Predictions for 2015

How to present e-commerce shipping information [via @econsultancy]

How to present e-commerce shipping information [via @econsultancy]

Excellent study by Econsultancy of 12 different approaches to explaining & presenting shipping information.

Per Econsultancy: “The number one cause of checkout abandonment is unacceptable delivery costs. A study conducted last year by eDigitalResearch and IMRG found that 77% of online shoppers have abandoned their basket in the past year, with 53% citing unacceptably high delivery costs as the main reason for bailing.”

The article considers – inter alia – Amazon, John Lewis, Office, ASOS & House of Fraser.

Read the whole article here.

Delivering B2B e-commerce with Magento [article]

At Magento Live (London, July 2014), we attended a session entitled “B2B Commerce in a B2C World”. Having now worked on quite a few Magento B2B implementations (Elektron Technology, Watco, SnapOn, QC Supplies, Demco & Aston & Fincher – as well as integrating trade purchase capabilites on several B2C e-commerce websites), we are able to set out some whys and hows for B2B e-commerce on Magento in our latest article at: https://www.screenpages.com/magento-b2b-ecommerce

The article looks at:

  • Key statistics behind B2B e-commerce
  • Basic implementation & configuration
  • Automating fulfilment via integration
  • Incremental advantage by offering more “transactional” services
  • Added value through better content
  • Mobile adoption
  • Acquiring new customers
E-commerce opportunities and trends [infographic & interviews]

E-commerce opportunities and trends [infographic & interviews]

Interesting set of insights from Drew Sanocki, who set out to understand what the key e-commerce issues were for 2014.  She went out to “all the smart ecommerce people” she knew and asked them some variation on the same question: “it’s a new year, what is the biggest opportunity in ecommerce right now?”

The responses are compiled into two sections:

Part 1 contains insights from the e-commerce “ecosystem”: investors, analysts, tech providers etc. “These people don’t run retailers: they observe them. Lots of them. And as a result they see what is working and what isn’t”, says Drew.

Part 2 contains insights from e-commerce Operators: CEOs and marketing directors at large and small retailers. These individuals speak more to what they are seeing work internally at their own companies.

For the benefit of ecommerce retailers/marketers who may be too busy to read all of it, Referral Candy has put together a summarized infographic version for easy-scanning.

The Biggest Opportunities in Ecommerce right now, as revealed by Retail Experts [Infographic]


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