How to prepare your website for Easter

How to prepare your website for Easter

Now that the daffodils are out and the days are getting warmer and longer, it’s time to think about Easter. Easter isn’t just about egg hunts but about holidays, entertaining and getting ready for the summer months. This type of event is a great opportunity to boost your sales by adapting your communications and your site’s content. Here are some ideas on how to do it.

easter_emailCreate your Easter email marketing campaigns

Think about what you want to say and when then plan your campaigns.  Whilst peppering your emails with pretty pictures of eggs and bunnies might be fun and attract attention, that shouldn’t be the main objective. Start by letting customers know what you can offer to address their Easter needs (chocolate, that holiday outfit, the vital ingredients for Easter Sunday lunch, etc.) Next make sure to let them know what shipping options you offer and when is the latest they can order by.  And finally, don’t forget to segment your emails.  Not everyone wants the same thing so personalise, personalise, personalise.

Update other marketing campaigns such as paid search

Create a separate campaign for Easter related offers so as not to confuse Easter related buys with normal day to day trading. This will allow you to pick up traffic from people with Easter on their mind and also make it easier for you to measure the results of your efforts as well.

Create an Easter landing page

Once you have created your campaigns, where are you going to send all this traffic?  Create a landing page showcasing all the Easter related things that you have to offer. You can organize this page as a content page containing Easter products or as a separate category on your website. What kind of products can be included in this Easter page? Anything goes, baskets, ribbons, clothes, kitchenware’s, books, etc.  As I said, the Easter holidays are not just about chocolate.

Think about gifting, offers and promotions

Easter is a time when people are more likely to spend time with their loved ones so don’t forget about the gifting angle.  Offer free gift wrapping if you can.  Create gift bundles if you can. And finally, offer promotions if possible.  You will after all be competing with everyone else for those Easter purchases.

4 great email marketing resources from dotmailer

4 great email marketing resources from dotmailer

1. Boost your open rates

First, the bad news: 20% of marketing emails never even make it to a subscriber’s inbox. But now, the good news: with the right email service provider and sender reputation, along with an advanced spam checker and super-relevant subject lines, you’re in a much better position to ensure your emails make it to the inbox and get read. Download this cheatsheet for 7 ways to boost your open rates and get your customers to act on your emails.

2. List acquisition

Email remains the best way of building and sustaining customer relationships, as it’s still the most efficient and personalized way to communicate with your audience on a one-to-one basis at a huge scale. Don’t lose in the long-run by only focusing on the first order of a potential customer, but instead on getting the email sign-up. Our latest whitepaper makes the case for developing a strong list acquisition strategy.

3. The e-mail welcome programme

The welcome program is the most important campaign you can send to a prospect. Why? Firstly it gives those who’ve just signed up to find out more about your brand, a chance to make a quick decision about you – that will last. Secondly, your welcome email will have one of your best open rates, get it right and you’ll set the wheels of a long-lasting customer relationship in motion. Our new best practice guide helps you get started with the key dos and don’ts for email welcome programs.

4. The anatomy a responsive email

How good do your emails look on mobile? Gain insight from our best practice tips proven to improve the mobile experience.




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