Magento gains further market share

Magento gains further market share

The e-commerce platform provider, formerly owned by eBay Inc., provides a range of services to more than 200 merchants ranked in the Internet Retailer Top 1000.

New Internet Retailer data released this week on the top e-commerce technology providers shows that Magento is steadily adding new clients and capturing impressive market share. In the Internet Retailer 2017 Leading Vendors to the Top 1000, which ranks the top players in each of 30 technology categories by the number of e-retailers in the Top 500 and Second 500 that they serve, Magento takes home gold in several categories.

It ranks No. 1 in terms of the number of Top 1000 retail clients for the following categories: e-commerce platform (202 clients: 54 Top 500 retailers and 148 Second 500), content management (189 Top 1000: 50 Top 500, 139 Second 500), mobile commerce (189 Top 1000: 52 Top 500 and 137 Second 500) and order management (192 Top 1000: 54 Top 500 and 138 Second 500). Its e-commerce platform retail clients include bigger players such as Best Buy Co. Inc (No. 12) and smaller merchants including NorthShore Care Supply (No. 514) and Vertana Group (No. 522). Magento says its global clients process more than $50 billion in online sales annually.

Read more in the full article in Internet Retailer

Magento 2.1 now available

Magento 2.1 is now available.

The main new features include:

Content Staging and Preview
Now you can easily stage, preview, and schedule a wide range of new content, including updates to products, categories, and promotions.

Improved checkout experience
PayPal In-context Checkout increases conversion rates by enabling shoppers to pay with PayPal without ever leaving your site. Securely storing credit card information through PayPal Saved Credit Cards means fewer security headaches, and more frequent purchases.

Better built-in search
Enterprise Edition 2.1 now uses Elasticsearch. This search engine supports 33 languages out-of-the-box and lets you set ‘stop words’, search synonyms, and attribute weighting to deliver highly relevant search results. It’s also designed to handle large catalogues and configuring Elasticsearch is much easier.

Better Admin Panel
A new Admin Panel search feature enables you to quickly find customer and order information. Search synonyms are much easier to set up across multiple sites. Redesigned forms simplify and speed the process of creating new products, content, and categories.

Read Magento’s full article here…

Temando’s shipping extension for Magento streamlines shipping & increases conversions

Temando’s shipping extension for Magento streamlines shipping & increases conversions

Industry statistics show that merchants are struggling to manage their logistics options with approximately 48% of the online shoppers abandoning purchases at the checkout due to the lack of delivery options offered and unforeseen costs. Furthermore, 40% of online shoppers demand free delivery or at least better fulfilment transparency.

Recently, we met with the team from Temando which offers a Magento module that can help with these challenges. According to Temando, it provides an “integrated, comprehensive end-to-end fulfilment solution for online retailers that facilitates a flexible shipping experience for customers in the shopping cart and optimizes the shipping processes for retailers using multiple carriers or transportation services.

Temando is built natively into the dashboard of Magento and enables the online retailers to manage the delivery logic behind their orders from one single location.  Its key capabilities include:

  • Connect to multiple carriers and carrier services
  • Apply shipping rules
  • Display a shipping calculator in product and/or checkout pages to get dynamic delivery options
  • Enable pick, pack and dispatch from any warehouse or retail store
  • Batch-book deliveries (up to thousands at a time)
  • Generate shipping documents (labels, manifests…) instantly and in line with the chosen carriers’ requirements

The managed shipment grid displays all pending shipments against the selected delivery service as defined by predefined rules. From this grid you can batch-book shipments, print labels, print pick-slips and amend delivery methods. 

Once you have installed/implemented Temando, you will have access your carriers’ services available in the Magento dashboard. There is no longer a need to integrate each delivery service separately: all national and international carriers’ services are accessible via Temando. If you have negotiated rates with specific carriers, those can easily be uploaded on the platform.

In addition to standard, express or “PUDO” (pick up drop off) delivery options that merchants offer their customers, you can also use your own stores & warehouses as collection points and propose free shipping while directing customers to physical points of sales.

Another interesting piece of functionality is “contextual” shipping logic which reflects the shipping rules that the online retailer can easily configure in the Magento dashboard.  Based on different attributes such as the number of articles in the basket, basket value, the types of SKU selected or the location of the customer, the merchant will have the ability to specify which shipping services are offered in the checkout, create rules to display only the fastest or cheapest rates, define how you want to charge the shipping rates to the client (free shipping, discounted shipping etc) and when the shipping rules apply (eg. 4 weeks before Christmas). By providing delivery flexibility you are able to turn the shipping into a marketing tool, enabling a better customer experience & increased conversion rate.

From the Rules Engine screen you can customize shipping preferences and rules against various criteria; weight, location, SKU attributes etc. These rules will then apply to live delivery quotations displayed on the website and delivery choices made in the Managed Shipments Grid. 

In addition, Temando has also other useful functionality enabling you to optimize other shipping processes by:

  • Selecting the most relevant packaging type based on the actual articles selected by the customer
  • Selling & shipping from anywhere with multi-location fulfilment and omni-channel functionality such as ship-from-store and click & collect.
  • Routing orders to the nearest fulfilment point by connecting inventory data and automatically shipping from the nearest location with available stock
For more information, see:
Magento 2 is now available: Screen Pages is Trained Partner

Magento 2 is now available: Screen Pages is Trained Partner


Magento has officially launched Magento 2 [read the full press release here].

Screen Pages is pleased to be one of the partners who has already achieved Magento 2 accreditation.

In summary, Magento announced: “The new platform empowers brands, retailers, and businesses across B2C and B2B industries to quickly and cost-effectively deliver engaging omnichannel shopping experiences. Magento 2.0 also offers enhanced performance and scalability,  new features to boost conversion rates, and business agility and productivity improvements. The new platform also builds on our open source heritage and offers unmatched flexibility and innovation opportunities to our global ecosystem of partners and developers.”

The main features include:

  • Open, Flexible Architecture
  • Engaging Shopping Experiences
  • Enhanced Business Agility and Productivity
  • Enterprise-grade Scalability and Performance
  • Easier Maintenance and Upgrades
Read “Magento 2 – what it means for business” for more background.

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