Screen Pages 20th anniversary

Screen Pages 20th anniversary

Yes, it’s true. On the 30th of May, Screen Pages will have been in business for 20 years!

Here’s a quick overview of the things that have been keeping us busy:-

We have built 378 eCommerce websites

Trained ourselves in 3 different eCommerce platforms

Accommodated in the region of 12000 change requests for our clients

Drank at least 200,000 cups of coffee/tea

Worn our way through at least 100 office chairs

Swapped £20k of artwork as payment for a website

Introduced 18 Screen Pages babies to the world

Employed 148 members of staff

Participated in 1040 fire drills

The good news is that we are still here, doing what we do best!
Many happy returns!

Screen Pages to open the annual Sheerluxe B2B conference

Screen Pages to open the annual Sheerluxe B2B conference

Screen Pages is proud to announce that it will be opening the annual Sheerluxe B2B conference with an overview of eCommerce trends for 2017/2018.

Don’t miss this great event with expert sessions on subjects from Digital Marketing & Acquisition to website redesign. Hear from brands such as Ralph Lauren, Jigsaw, John Lewis and much more.

Don’t miss out and register for the event now on Eventbrite with our exclusive discount code of SHEERRETAILER30 (= 30% OFF)

eCommerce benchmarks Jan – March 2017

eCommerce benchmarks Jan – March 2017

Screen Pages has released eCommerce benchmark data regarding visitor sources and behaviour on conversions for retail eCommerce websites, for the period January-March 2017.

The businesses indexed are limited to niche brands, generally selling online, via catalogues and stores, whose online sales range up to £15m per annum and average order values of £76. The websites all use the e-commerce platform Magento. In aggregate, the report tracked the behaviour of 4.2 million website visitors, placing 145,000+ orders and spending £10 million.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Bella di Notte, Christopher Ward, Donald Russell, Loake Shoes, Micro-Scooters, Van Dal Shoes, Force 4, Moss Europe, the RSPB, Really Wild Clothing, Salter and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Average order value £43 £126 £76
£ per visit £1.00 £2.49 £2.41
Conversion rates 0.69% 3.99% 2.70%
Engagement/bounce 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce rate 40.4% 57.1% 46.3%
Home page bounce 12.9% 17.9% 19.2%
Traffic sources = organic search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 30% 54% 43%
Bounce rate 29% 50% 42%
Conversion rate 1.05% 3.63% 2.38%
Traffic sources = paid search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 2% 29% 19%
Bounce rate 19% 56% 34%
Conversion rate 1.19% 5.07% 3.32%
Traffic sources = email 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 3% 19% 12.4%
Bounce rate 31% 51% 37%
Conversion rate 1.13% 4.39% 4.01%
Traffic sources = direct 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 11% 14% 15%
Bounce rate 43% 60% 50%
Conversion rate 0.70% 5.32% 2.72%
Traffic sources = referrals 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 4% 12% 11%
Bounce rate 35% 56% 48%
Conversion rate 0.76% 2.21% 1.67%

Stand-out out figures

  • Overall conversions average at 2.70%, ranging from 0.53% to 8.8%.
  • The average £ per visit was £2.41.
  • Email remains the best source of revenues: email (when executed well) produces extremely well, converting at 4.01% – some retailers do not use email effectively or do not track it properly. Six businesses included in the sample had at least 15%+ of their traffic from email, enjoying conversion rates up to 10.58%.
  • Paid search produces an average of 19% of all visits, converting at 3.32%. Five businesses enjoyed conversion rates on paid traffic of over 5%.
  • Engagement (as measured by bounce rates) shows a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 19.2% versus 46.3%).
Desktop usage 1st Quartile          3rd Quartile          Average     
Bounce on desktop % 29% 46% 38%
Conversion on desktop % 1.33% 5.84% 4.0%
Tablet usage 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce on tablet % 33% 53% 43%
Conversion on tablet % 0.84% 4.34% 3%
Mobile usage 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce on mobile % 48% 61% 53%
Conversion on mobile % 0.35% 1.7% 1.1%

Standout figures

Bounce rates are lowest and conversions highest on desktops.  However, four businesses were seeing conversion ratios in excess of 2% on mobile with the highest being 2.9%.

By Sarah Willcocks, Director

Screen Pages annual E-Commerce Forum 2017

Screen Pages annual E-Commerce Forum 2017


Businesses need to work increasingly harder to acquire & retain customers against tough competition from global giants. Simply having a “nice website” is not enough: the winners must differentiate, add value & offer better service to survive.

To help you keep in touch with best practice e-commerce and industry trends, we would like to invite you to our E-commerce Forum (now in its 8th year), sponsored by Shopify Plus, Dotmailer, Klevu and LoyaltyLion . It is a rare and focussed opportunity for you to hear from a number of industry specialists & businesses and find out what works and what doesn’t in the e-commerce world in 2017 – tailored specifically to the interests and issues that face retailers selling online.

What will you hear?

The forum will concentrate on marketing, sales & service from an e-commerce best practice perspective – in particular how to increase sales, conversions and improve customer service. Key topics will include search, mobile, usability, content & email marketing, personalisation and customer engagement – backed by the latest advice, statistics & trends.

Who should attend?

For business owners, senior managers & marketers responsible for e-commerce in the retail, wholesale, mail order & direct sectors (both B2C & B2B).

This event will help you understand:

  • Latest industry trends and what the UK’s leading e-retailers are doing
  • Vital statistics in the online world
  • Best practices and approaches in e-commerce
  • What works (& what doesn’t) in terms of online marketing
  • Lessons from case studies & war stories from like-minded companies
  • Successes (and failures) from panel discussions with experts & practitioners

And, of course, there will be plenty of opportunity for networking with your peers over food, drinks and refreshments.

Loake Shoes launch Magento 2 site

Loake Shoes launch Magento 2 site

Loake, the classic English shoemaker, recently launched a new responsive site on Magento 2.1. The site was designed and developed by Screen Pages, a leading Magento Enterprise Solution Partner based in the UK.

Loake has been making traditional English shoes since 1880. Today, five generations and more than 130 years later, Loake continues to design and produce fine, handmade shoes. The company exports to more than 50 countries and has become a favourite with discerning customers worldwide.

The new website’s capabilities include: 

  • Responsive Redesign on Magento 2.1
  • Improved checkout with Credit Card, Amazon & PayPal payment options
  • Two-factor authentication for security
  • GEO-IP location for customers outside the UK
  • Store locator
  • Migration of Magento 1 data to Magento 2
  • Rest of the World store with configurable e-commerce/account elements which can be enabled/disabled by Loake at the flick of a switch
  • Rich content managed block functionality for the home and other CMS pages including video, product, newsletter signup blocks
  • Comprehensively extended variant selection functionality to allow for backorder/out of stock handling
  • Product specific order confirmation email content
  • Integration with Prima ERP for stock, order & order status updates
  • Coming soon feature

Since Loake launched their Magento 2 responsive site on the 21st of December 2016, conversion rates on mobile have increased by 96.05%, and transactions have increased 81.82% compared to the same period last year. Overall, across all devices, conversion rates have increased by 44.60%.

The Project was completed in less than four and a half months.

“Loake wanted to build a long-term relationship with an ecommerce agency with a professional approach and a track record with premium brands such as ours. Screen Pages’ Management, Design and Technical Teams have been a pleasure to work with and we are very pleased with our new website.”

Andrew Loake, Managing Director at Loake

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Screen Pages client event overview

Screen Pages client event overview

Screen Pages hosted their November Client event which was a great opportunity to network and discuss everything e-commerce. There were some great speakers from What users do, Magento, Search Marketing, Bronto, Brand and Soul & Mention Me. Below is a quick overview and all the slides presented on the day.

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