What influences SEO: best ever guide [infographic]

What influences SEO: best ever guide [infographic]

Huge kudos to SEO Inc for commissioning and sharing this. It’s probably the most comprehensive guide to what influences where your pages appear in Google’s rankings.

According to SEO Inc, “While Google has never publicly listed all of the factors they take into account, there are about 200 ranking factors they say they use for search rankings.”


SEO: 53% click on the top search result [new study]

SEO: 53% click on the top search result [new study]

Useful analysis from Search Engine Watch on who clicks on what search engine results, quoting new research from Compete.com.

85% of all listings shown are organic, with 15%. Overall, 55% of search engine results pages have ads.  When it comes to clicks on those organic listings, 53% go to the top result. The second sees 15% of the action, the third 9%, the fourth 6 percent, dwindling all the way down to 4 percent to round out the top 5.


Paid listings perform far better at the top, as well. Not necessarily the top of the ad block, but the top of the page as a whole.

The first listing at the top of the page gets an overwhelming 59 percent of all paid search clicks.

Compete’s research shows that 61% of paid search ads are displayed in the right sidebar. Yet these ads get just 13 percent of the clicks. Sure, you want to be on top in the right ad block; the top listing on the right gets 4 percent of all paid search clicks, while the second gets just 3 percent.

The full report is here: http://success.compete.com/seeing-between-the-lines-of-the-search-and-the-click-whitepaper

Search engine futures (interview with Danny Sullivan)

I listened to a great podcast from Internet Marketing Podcast, where Kelvin Newman interviews Danny Sullivan, the editor-in-chief of Search Engine Land and the organiser of events like the Search Marketing Expo.

Discussion covers the many changes in the world of Search over the past few months, Google+ and Search Plus Your World and other changes at Google, the future of search engines, and privacy policies among other things.

My big takeaway was the potential importance of Google+ to search results and advise folk to start exploring and using it now.

SEO practices: influence bloggers [case study]

SEO practices: influence bloggers [case study]

We applaud Donald Russell for this superb article written by Danny (“Food Urchin”), a food blogger (who must also deserve some thanks). Whilst no doubt part of a
well-structured PR and marketing campaign to influence opinion formers, it is in fact a compelling example of how a well engineered SEO programme can yield dividends.

Donald Russell

The piece contains links, photographs and detailed commentary about the inner workings of Donald Russell. I came across the material from Donald Russell’s Facebook page “Influence bloggers” would make the top 5 of any SEO’s task list and this effort must rank up there with the best of them – not bad for an SME working off measured budgets!

SEO workshop with Swivel

Just completed a great workshop with Swivel UK, a young, fast growing designer furniture company based in North London. The company sells a wide range of classic & retro reproduction designs for kitchen, dining and living rooms and is run by an enthusiastic, friendly couple.

The SEO workshop covered the following areas:

– Basic principles for coming tp in Google (indexability, relevance & link popularity)
– Setting up onsite SEO assets in Magento via the Admin Panel, page by page
– Setting up SEO tools such as sitemaps, Webmaster Tools
– Analysing performance and results in Google Analytics (for generic search)
– Using social media (Facebook & Twitter)
– Ideas for relevant and interesting content and how to distribute/network it
– Improving onsite copy for persuasion as well as for SEO

If you’d like to run one of these popular workshops – please contact us.

Google Analytics shows Webmaster Tools data for SEO analysis

Google Analytics shows Webmaster Tools data for SEO analysis

Google Analytics (the new version, that is) has subtly been enhanced to include search data from Google Webmaster Tools.

This is great news for marketeers as you can now see the number of keyword searches where your site was listed in Google search results as well as your average position for that keyword and the click-through rate. This information is invaluable for optimising your landing pages and understanding where the work needs to be done.

Impressively, it also show the target landing pages returned from these searches.

See the Google Analytics Blog for more information.

Google Analytics with Webmaster Tools data

The set-up you requires you to have both Google Webmaster Tools access and Google Analytics ownership/administrator access for your website.

We recommend unreservedly that you do this immediately.

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