Track, monitor and analyse the flow of visitors to your websites.
What is Analytics? Website Analytics describes the activity of tracking, monitoring and analysing the flows of visitors to websites, their journeys through it and out of it, as well as their transactional and purchase information. As a Google Authorised Analytics Consultant, Screen Pages has invested in Google Analytics to provide the tracking technology for eCommerce websites and have now deployed this on over 70 websites.
We have now launched a range of value-added services to help retailers get up to speed with Google Analytics. These consist of the following:-
  • Training – standard and advanced/bespoke options to meet your needs
  • Screen Pages’ quarterly eCommerce benchmarking service
  • Individual website audits

Our philosophy is very simple: it’s all about eCommerce benchmarks

Screen Pages has devised a set of eCommerce benchmarks that will help you monitor and analyse key areas of your site’s performance. These include:

  • Sources of traffic (such as search engines, URL entry and where visitors arrive)
  • Visitor engagement (such as time on site and pages visited)
  • Basket and checkout (such as abandon and drop-out rates)
  • Conversion data (especially visits to orders) combined they provide deep insight into how well your site is performing

This half-day training course, which can be arranged offsite or at your premises, will bring you up-to-speed with how Google Analytics works, what its main reports and features are and how the eCommerce Benchmarks work and where to find them. After the course, you will be able to use Google Analytics to track and report on your website’s performance, as well as have the insight to conduct ad-hoc analyses on aspects of your site’s operation. In addition, we can offer bespoke training courses which focus in on individual client requirements.

This monthly service offers quarterly benchmarking of your site against all other sites managed by Screen Pages. This report will compare an individual site against the high, low and average data for each benchmark, so managers can see exactly what are the strengths and weaknesses of their own website relative to their peers.

In addition, a monthly study will be conducted on a focus area such as checkouts, landing pages, search engine traffic. Subscribers may also request study areas for future inclusion.

A detailed audit of a website’s performance from end-to-end, using Google Analytics to derive statistical information and our online retail experts’ experience and insight to question the data and make recommendations. This audit will study in detail the customer journey into, through and out of the site, looking at presence in search engines, landing page performance, on-site navigation and search, the basket and checkout process as well as factors effecting overall site conversion. Throughout, the site will be compared to best practice and our benchmarks. A full written report is provided with comparisons against each benchmark.

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