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E-commerce navigation: finding your way round

Tweet Some easy-to-implement principles about how to organise the products on your website and what mechanics you can employ to help your visitor find them. Getting visitors around an online shop is surely one of the biggest challenges of an e-commerce website. It is...

Mobile usage of e-commerce websites: research

Tweet Mobile accounts for 10% of ecommerce website visits, but converts at nearly half the rate of PC visitors - iPads and iPhones represent 80% of all mobile web browsing - Even smaller retailers losing hundreds of thousands of pounds by not understanding the mobile...

Link Building

Having designed and built over two hundred e-commerce websites, Screen Pages has learned a lot about search engine optimisation. It has hired and worked with experts in the field, ran seminars on the subject, published analyses and research as well as been showered...

Online retailing: how to make the most of your website

Tweet This article appeared in Draper's Record Jan 2005 Some retailers treat their websites as bolt-ons to their existing businesses and see them as little more than an electronic order form. What they are missing is the opportunity for a website to be a...

SEO – how retailers can come top of Google

Many websites are treated as “bolt-ons” to an existing retail or mail order business: an electronic order form. They should really be treated as a fully-fledged, cost-effective, integrated channel capable of handling thirty-forty percent of total sales or your second...

Planning a new e-commerce website: a helpful guide

Tweet It’s actually hard work helping would-be online retailers get what you want website-wise. OK, so you might think it is hard picking a path through the techno-marketing waffle we potential suppliers throw up, so a little bit of education might go a long way. At...

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