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Amazon Payments offers quick & easy checkout for Magento

Millions of customers can now login and pay with the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account. Join thousands of merchants and start building a strong, loyal customer base. Amazon Login and Pay with Amazon makes it easy for customers to buy what...

Dealing with bots on e-commerce websites with CAPTCHA

Since the dawn of the Internet, people have tried to abuse websites for both sport and profit - especially e-commerce websites which by definition possess a number of customer data entry points. As the abuse became profitable, the scale of abuse grew using automated...

Nanorep for Magento: automated customer self-service & FAQs

We recently met with the folk from Nanorep, an impressive online customer service hosted software application with a well-crafted Magento extension. Nanorep is a "self-aware support system" that is capable of learning the answers to repetitive questions and updating...

Magento Enterprise 1.14.1 & Community 1.9.1 are here

Magento has released the newest version of Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 and announced Community Edition 1.9.1. Here's a summary of the new capabilities: Visual merchandising tool for product categories Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.1 enables retailers to...

Apple Pay – what does it mean for retailers?

Here's a quick summary of what Apple Pay can mean for payments (courtesy of Retail Dive): 1. The fact that leading banks and credit card companies are partnering with Apple is a sign that the shift to mobile payment systems is getting underway. 2. Card numbers are...

Magento top e-commerce platform for mid-market [research]

Magento e-commerce offerings are now the top platforms for midmarket merchants—defined by Internet Retailer as those with $20M-$75M in annual online sales. Magento grew from 13 midmarket merchants on the list in 2013 to 24 in 2014, overtaking Oracle in the top spot in...

Nosto: solid targeted, personalised marketing service for Magento

We recently received a briefing from Nosto regarding its personalisation & recommendation engine for targeted marketing. We liked the software: its benefits are clear, there are plenty of case studies, the pricing model is "appropriate" for our kinds of clients...

B2B digital marketing metrics [STATISTICS]

Useful compendium of B2B online marketing statistics covering SEO, paid search, email marketing and website activity from Insight Partners, the private equity and venture capital firm. Click through to downloand the PDF.  

Email re-marketing & abandonned cart follow-up: #magentolive

Our notes from the entertaining and statistic-laden Charles Nicholl of SeeWhy at Magento Live on email remarketing to reduce basket abandonment. No purchase journey is the same (Google conducted 000s of studies). Here are some compelling statistics re. abandonment and...

E-commerce checkout evolution

Interesting piece on checkout evolution: "checkout is the lynchpin of e-commerce. It’s how customers buy and retailers get paid. Yet despite years of evolution, only a few changes have significantly impacted checkout conversion online." While some e-commerce checkout...

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