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E-commerce post-sales follow-up emails [@econsultancy study]

What kind of email follow-up do your customers get after they make a purchase? David Moth at Econsultancy looked at Schuh, Selfridges and Mango & catalogued the different automated email follow-ups that "ranged from excellent to just plain adequate." * Shuh sent...

Email spam: why John Lewis was fined [news & analysis]

Thanks to Tim Leighton-Boyce for bringing this to our attention. John Lewis has been ordered to pay damages for sending "spam" emails in a privacy ruling. In our opinion, John Lewis' method for obtaining the email was on the professional side of normal practice:...

dotMailer delivers strong email marketing integration for Magento

We recently looked at the work that dotMailer - the email marketing platform - had done with its Magento integration. In a word, we were very impressed: this is integrated, personalised, segmented, automated email marketing made Magento-easy. We often struggle to...

Email marketing trends and futures

The top 100 US retailers by e-commerce revenue sent recipients an average of 177 emails apiece, up 87% from 2007. Some of the most aggressive emailers—including Neiman Marcus Group Inc.—sent each recipient more than 500 emails apiece in 2011. But some retailers have...

Email marketing important for e-commerce

It's somewhat of a truism, we all know but hile social media is a growth area in online marketing, ecommerce organisations should continue to focus on more established channels like email. However, almost four in ten shoppers said they had been prompted to make an...

How well does your Email Marketing Peform?

An interesting article on Email Marketing performance covering 'Deeper Perspective in Benchmarks', 'International Comparison' & 'Benchmarks Beyond Average'... Email marketing specialist Silverpop has published a white paper enabling marketers to easily benchmark their...

Email conversions

Some tips on email marketing from Smith Harmon shows that: horizontal navigation work better, fewer links work better & HTML is preferred on navigation bars.

Email marketing drives retail sales permission-based email makes shoppers more likely to do business with a retailer, generates a more favourable opinion of the retailer and fosters a stronger sense of...

Best day to email

We were asked what our views were on the best day to email & guessed (well, more opined based on anecdotal evidence) and said "Thursday". I nearly added "lunchtime". I was asked why and felt iffy about revealing anecdotal material. So I googled it. And found this:...

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