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13 great ideas to increase e-commerce sales this Christmas

Every year, Christmas seems to somehow appear from nowhere. Online retailers, both small and large, often wait until the very last minute to plan their Christmas marketing strategies. Why? Because they are busy doing a million other things throughout the year....

Useful list of cautionary tips for content writers

We came across this article from e-consultancy containing 14 precautions content authors should take. Content marketing is a critical success factor for e-commerce businesses nowadays, so the list is a valuable reminder. Here's a summary of the tips & you can read...

Content marketing: 10 ways to boost traffic

Useful article with a checklist of 10 things to remember which will increase the traffic & value of your content marketing efforts. 1. Re-purposed content and publish it on different outlets 2. Have a clearly defined strategy on how to market your content 3. Have...

How to promote your content better

Excellent article from Ometria regarding content distribution. Here's a summary & the key takeways - but, you should really read the whole article! "That online retailers are responding to consumer demand for content - from blog posts to lookbooks to interactive...

Video marketing: stats & guidance

We saw an interesting article on CommsAxis about the whys and wherefores of video marketing - well worth a read. Here's a few highlights: * Indeed, 76% of marketers now intend to incorporate video onto their websites.  And of this 76%, 51.9% actually consider video as...

Google product listing ads: automatic extensions

Automated extensions display information that shoppers find useful alongside your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) — such as free shipping costs or sale price figures. Per Google: "Promotional text, an optional message added to your ad groups in AdWords, was part of our...

E-commerce loyalty programmes: Sweet Tooth statistics

We have long been convinced of the value of loyalty schemes (in a crowded & commoditised market full of economic equivalents). Here is a graphic from Sweet Tooth, showing the ROI and the loyalty transactions that can be rewarded:  

Digital Marketing map

We came across this technology research giant Gartner's visualisation of all the different elements & disciplines in the digital marketing universe. In Gartner's words: "Use this map to understand the connections among business functions (neighborhoods),...

Summer #ecommerce checklist: 11 last minute tips

E-commerce activity has been shown to go down by as much as 30% in the summer months compared to the highs of December- a fact that could spell disaster for your business. Nosto - the targeted recommendation & personalisation service provider (with a great Magento...

E-commerce brands & storytelling [infographic]

Content marketing is now vital for brands & the "storytelling" is seen increasingly as vital to getting a brand's story across. According to Smart Insights, "sharing long-form content across social media channels in formats including video, infographics, blogs...

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