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SEO workshop with Swivel

Just completed a great workshop with Swivel UK, a young, fast growing designer furniture company based in North London. The company sells a wide range of classic & retro reproduction designs for kitchen, dining and living rooms and is run by an enthusiastic, friendly...

Why smaller brands should blog

Thanks to Techcrunch for this excellent summary on why start-ups should blog. "If you care about accessing customers, reaching an audience, communicating your vision, influencing people in your industry, marketing your services or just plain engaging in a dialog with...

Link building for SEO – how to approach your targets

Links are 80% of the battle to struggle up Google's rankings. Getting them is hard work and labour intensive. We received this request for a link today from I sanitise and circulate it here as I think it's interesting and potentially useful. "Hi I`m...

Online news can help with SEO

By far the most important factor in where you rank in a search engine for particular keywords relies heavily on the content of a page: in short, what words you have on the screen. This piece in NMA highlights the value of incoporating (& publishing) news content on...

SEO – what’s a Google top search result worth?

According to Chitka - an online advertising network - "the top organic position drove 34.35% of all traffic in the sample, almost the combined total of positions 2 through 5 slots, and more than the combined total of traffic to longtail positions, 5 through 20"....

Google Buzz: should online retailers pay attention?

Useful summary of Google Buzz and some guidance that could help retailers. Google Buzz is different because it has a built-in audience of over 100 million accounts - as it's a part of Google Mail. Google has been steadily incorporating social updates into their search...

SEO and email marketing

Interesting piece about the impact of email click-throughs on SEO rankings from Get Elastic. SEOmoz estimates click through to account for 7% according to its Search Engine Ranking Factors report... The piece suggests a tactic for building up this influence - asking...

Google top searches for 2008

Google has revealed the most popular search terms of the year, providing an insight into some of the key trends of 2008. Top UK search terms 1. Facebook 2. BBC 3. YouTube 4. eBay 5. Games 6. News 7. Hotmail 8. Bebo 9. Yahoo 10. Jobs Fastest Rising UK Search Terms 1....

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