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Small businesses use social media more than ecommerce

Small businesses in the vanguard of internet use are raising their profile and attracting new customers but the majority are still selling in the physical world, a study for Google finds, reported by the Telegraph. - 65% of the businesses were investing in natural...

Social media traffic to online retail websites

Social networks are sending nearly 13% more traffic to online retailers this year than in 2009. A new Hitwise report shows that social networking sites accounted for 11.6% of all UK Internet visits during September, representing a year on year growth of 4.3%. Facebook...

Combine email marketing and social media

Sensible, but short, article on the cross-over between email marketing and social media. I think "do it" is the best summary: * Archiving email newsletters online and posting links to them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn can extend the reach of that communication *...

12 tips for successful tweeting

Succint summary of what it takes to be good at Twitter.Here's the summary: 1) Reserve a good, relevant user name 2) Display a human face for your business. 3) Establish your specialty. 4) Post frequently. 5) Use hot-button keywords in your industry. 6) Use popular...

Greenhouse Girl is Gardening Blog of the Week

Gardening for Dummies has picked Two West Elliott's Greenhouse Girl weblog as Weblog of the Week, citing its "fresh design and uncluttered appearance". "Intriguing because most garden bloggers are those just talking about their gardens whereas these bloggers are...

Two Wests launches gardening weblog

Dubbed "Greenhouse Girl", Two Wests & Elliott, the greenhouse & gardening suppliers, has launched a weblog to develop its online community. The blog can be seen at The blg carries news, views and anecdotes about gardening (& greenhousing in...

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