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Screen Pages is proud to announce that it now has 10 Certified Magento developers. Screen Pages has now achieved certification for more developers than any other Magento solution provider in the UK.

Certification is now an important part of Magento's partner quality assessment and measures the skill and experience of a partner's development team and technical capability. See Screen Pages' accreditation on Magento's website.

Screen Pages has invested significantly in Magento since 2008. It has successfully recruited, trained and managed a Magento development team capable of handling complex, large projects and delivering them reliably to measured budgets and tight timescales.

Whilst Magento has an unmatched functional range, implementing bespoke, integrated and well-performing e-commerce applications with it is a challenging, technically intense process which requires many skills and lots of direct experience.

Whilst there are many Web developers that offer Magento services, but few have the scale, depth and independently certified quality and experience that Screen Pages has developed. This means that clients can benefit from ongoing support and updates - as well as initial website builds. Part of its advantage comes from focus: Screen Pages only offers e-commerce website development services and only uses Magento.

As well as its investment in development capacity, Screen Pages has also evolved software development methodologies, processes and systems fit for quality, robust Magento website - these have been proven to work on over 50 website implementations, as well as many version upgrades and migrations.

With a development team of this calibre and experience, Screen Pages has also achieved a high degree of technical understanding of Magento -particularly in the area of performance and website optimisation. Its Magento Enterprise implementations are beautifully designed, boast rich functionality and exhibit superb performance.

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