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Qubit – Deliver highly persuasive personalisation

A digital personalisation platform for building lasting customer relationships.

Qubit is the innovator of persuasive personalisation at scale. We help brands ensure their customer experience remains a powerful point of differentiation in a constantly shifting market.

By combining rich customer data, deep learning technology and advanced segmentation capabilities, our Customer Influence Engine enables precise targeting of a wide range of personalisation’s – so businesses can reach the right visitors at the right time, at scale – to drive sales and loyalty.

Qubit will help you

  • Boost conversion rates and lower acquisition costs
  • Drive increased loyalty and retention
  • Improve marketing efficiency
  • Optimise up-sell and ancillary sales
  • Join the dots between web, email, call centre and mobile journeys
  • Understand your visitors’ behaviours, and their opinions

The Qubit solution

Lasting customer relationships are built on more than a single fleeting interaction. Modern expectations are about building strong relationships with your customers across their entire journey through targeted, tailored personalised experiences.

To accomplish this, companies need a tool that combines visitor insight, targeting and experience delivery.
Qubit’s platform encompasses broad data collection for unparalleled customer understanding, a deep learning system enabling precise segmentation and a broad variety of experience types for influential customer interactions.

Compelling interactions – Creating influential personalisation’s

The Customer Influence Engine uses a deep learning system to find influence signals from within your customer data. With advanced micro-segmentation, adaptive targeting that makes sure every segment is always up to date, and machine learning at work to identify new visitor groups to target, you can ensure that the personalisation’s you create are precisely targeted for maximum impact.

Precise segmentation – Identifying the best audience

With Qubit, you can then put this insight to work, reaching your best customers with the most impactful personalisation’s. From basic content placements like on-page banners through to scalable, segment-aware, ongoing programmatic experiences like abandonment recovery or targeted recommendations, you have the widest range of personalisation experiences to successfully influence customer behaviour at scale.

Reliable ROI – Uncovering the value of personalisation’s

Throughout the Qubit platform, you have access to customer, experience and segment data for analytics – both in-context and via your own BI tools – and see the real value Qubit can deliver. Our data shows that personalisation’s using Qubit to target specific customer segments produce a 50% increase in revenue, and those that are geared to behavioural change are over 7x more effective in increasing conversion rate.

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