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Blog: Responsive eCommerce Workshop

Successful responsive eCommerce workshop at dotdigital's HQ.

Yesterday, Screen Pages co-hosted the Responsive eCommerce workshop with dotdigital, Klarna and Nosto.

After mingling over coffee and pastries, our attendees were welcomed by Justin Broomes of dotdigital. Neil Stone, from Comapi, opened the workshop with his talk on omni-channel messaging as the future of customer communications.

Next, our own Sarah Willcocks shared Screen Pages' best practice, mobile-first design advice for Fashion and Lifestyle merchants. Nosto's Max Imfeld wrapped up the morning with his talk on omni-channel personalisation and suggestions on how to effectively use data across devices. 

After a brief coffee break, Matt Scott from Klarna re-engaged everyone with his compelling talk on how effective checkout and payment methods can improve mobile conversion.

Ashley Hubbard of Grenson sat on the panel with Justin Broomes, sharing his experiences as a merchant and answering some very interesting questions during the Q&A, concluding the day's workshop.

The event had a great turnout and received very positive feedback, encouraging us to continue expanding our workshops and events.

If you missed the talks, you can find and download our white papers here or, alternatively, contact us for more information directly here.

Access the presentations:

Introductory Talk

Neil Stone - dotdigital

Sarah Willcocks - Screen Pages

Max Imfeld - Nosto

Matthew Scott - Klarna

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