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E-commerce websites drive customers into store

Gartner analyst Adam Sarner told the E-Commerce Times that multichannel retailers learned that e-commerce doesn't necessarily mean a transaction in an online shopping cart.

"J. Crew knows that someone going to jcrew.com is 27% more likely to visit a J. Crew store soon afterwards," Sarner said. "The Web is a powerful influence."

Other mult-channel insights in the article:

  • 'Click-and-mortar' stores are really starting to understand that they must have a consistent and crisp user experience all the way through the site. It's not just the credit card page that matters. It's not just a store -- it's also a research tool.
  • 33% of Internet users believe companies found in the top search results must be a major brand, demonstrating that top search engine listings transmit brand equity.
  • In 2004, traditional retailers learned the Internet could drive in-store traffic as much as generate online sales. Going forward, the Internet will play a crucial role within a retailer's overall marketing mix.
  • In 2005, even brick-and-mortar stores will execute Internet campaigns to generate consumer interest and increase product recognition. Successful campaigns will drive in-store traffic as much as generate online sales.

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