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Magento e-commerce offerings are now the top platforms for midmarket merchants—defined by Internet Retailer as those with $20M-$75M in annual online sales. Magento grew from 13 midmarket merchants on the list in 2013 to 24 in 2014, overtaking Oracle in the top spot in this segment.

Screen Pages adapted Magento as the platform for delivering its e-commerce services in early 2009 - five years ago - believing it to offer the best price/performance for "niche" (European for "mid-market") e-commerce businesses - on average our clients are trading at the £0.5-£10m per annum level - with a few either side of that. Magento Community Edition is a great platform for custom, bespoke websites at the lower end of this scale and Magento Enterprise offers better scaleability and configuration - with additional marketing capability as well - backed by an eBay-supported maintenance program and product development roadmap.



Source: Internet Retailer Top 500

“The doubling of our presence on the IR Top 500 is a great advance and clearly demonstrates the ability of Magento products to scale to support merchants doing hundreds of millions of dollars in online revenue,” says Roy Rubin, Co-Founder and COO of Magento.



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