We have loving extracted the vital statistics from the Drapers Week Etail report from February 2011. It's a big survey, with 2,000 respondents - nearly half of whom buy fashion products online.

Key findings include

- Asked why consumers shop online, convenience came top (52%), then ease of browsing (45%) and then price (41%).
- 58% buy every 1-3 months: 75% spent more than 10 hours a week online
- 57% buy casual wear: shoes and party wear are also bought by over one third
- 37% say choice is betteer online.
- 42% said decision to purchase online was based on wanting a particular item.
- 41% say purchases are influenced by how products are presented
- 37% change their minds during online checkouts (vs 34% in shops): 14% of shoppers say they never change their minds during checkout
- Reasons why people abandon baskets: they were just checking/browsing (32%), errors on the chckout (30%), checkout process was too long (27%) and they didnt want to register (28%)
- 45% liked using debit cards, 26% credit cards and 21% Paypal
- 51% expected to pay up to £4.99 for delivery, 23% only used free delivery
- Free dlievry (77%) and free returns (45%) would get people tp purchase more online
- 65% feel that interactive content & stylish imagery make them more likely to buy fashion from websites
- 47% used fashion websites to find specific items; 46% to check prices; 35% for inspiraton/ideas, 32% to see what's new in
- For images, 46% preferred pictures on "real life size" models; 42% wanted pictures on models; 21% wanted magazine-type outfit pictures
- 40% don't like browsing from mobile phones: 15% of men buy fashion from their mobiles vs 7.5% of women

Download the report here.

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