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Landing page advice for e-commerce

Sound guidance from the ever-thoughtful SiteTuners about how to improve the effectiveness of landing pages. In Magento, these would either be "category" pages or static pages. "Landing pages often get ignored. For every 83 dollars spent on traffic acquisition, only a dollar is spent on landing page optimization."

Here's a summary of the key points:
- Have a clear call to action
- Don't present too many choices
- Don't try to capture too much information
- Don't drown the page with text
- Keep the promise (the reason why the visitor clicked through)
- Avoid visual distractions
- Build trust

Here's the whole article.



Our advice on Magento category pages is to ensure, as a minimum, that you populate the following:

- category image
- category description (this can be "rich text" with links to specific highlighted products or sub-categories)
- optionally, you can replace the image & description with a "static block", which - with greater flexibility - presents the opportunity to communicate the whole range and/or promotion more dramatically



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