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Online shopkeepers can use good customer-oriented content to improve PageRank and increase sales....

Came across this invaluable piece about site content for generating inbound links, the ultimate determinant of success in search engines.
"In the world of search engine optimization (SEO), link baiting is the practice of creating web content that is virtually irresistible to bloggers, Diggers, or other members of the linkerati (people who can link to your site and are popular on social media sites or through their own websites). These folks link to the bait from their blog, social media site, or web page, boosting the bait's PageRank and improving the bait's position on search engine results pages (SERPs).
Some SEO experts speak about link bait like it is beyond the reach of ecommerce web sites. They imagine that there is nothing an ecommerce site could create that would be worthy of the dozens or even hundreds of inbound links that good link bait can generate. But I disagree, and in this Ecommerce Know-How, I will (1) explain why I think every web page is link bait, (2) use some of the content on REI's website(http://www.rei.com/) as an example, and (3) suggest content that might prove to be both valuable link bait and valuable for your customers."

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