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We were prompted to further investigate the role of mobiles in our study of Xmas online traffic.

Mobile skews the numbers, it appears.

Looking at the average conversion ratio for a collection of websites during the period 1st-15th December, we can see a healthy 4.81% conversion rate across 16 selected websites.

However: a lot of the traffic comes from mobile devices - per Google Analytics. That's 13.3% from iPads and 6.9% from iPhones (excluding the all the other small-screen devices categorised as "mobile" by Google.

How are conversions on each of these devices? Here's a graphic showing the four conversion rates per website, with data for:

  • The average conversion ratio for the website from Google Analytics
  • The desktop conversion ratio for the website - excluding anything classified as "mobile"
  • The conversion ratio for iPads (device = iPad)
  • The conversion ratio for iPhones (device = iPhone)

In average terms, the conversion ratio from desktops was 5.41% - 0.6% higher than the overall average. That's about 10% (imagine that % as an increase in your sales).

iPads (despite popular reports) convert less well than desktops at 4.16% (and this is true in all but two of the websites sampled), and 43% had websites where iPads performed better than the website average .

iPhones obviously bring up the rear with 1.3% - only a quarter as effective as desktops.

Moral: it pays to break out the devices as the range of behaviours is broad and the overall averages may not yield the "correct" answers.


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