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We ran a quick snapshot of mobile usage on 18 e-commerce websites for the last month compared to the previous year.

Via Google Analytics, we looked at how and which social media drove traffic and sales to 20 e-commerce websites, including Atterley Road, Force4, Loake, This Works, Bella di Notte, Real Flowers, RSPB & Watco.

Overall findings are:

  • Desktop down 11%
  • Tablet up 5%
  • Mobile up 6%

“Mobile” devices in total (small screen phones and tablets) are nearly half of e-commerce usage at 46%. For nearly one quarter of the sites, desktop usage has dipped below 50%, with one business' desktop website only being used by 34% pf all visitors in the past month.

Three of the websites showed tablet usage at over one third of all traffic.

The lowest usage of mobile phones (at 9%) was shown in a company whose demographic is "64 year old women": the highest being 40%.


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