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Interesting & thoughtful piece on "repsonsive" web design by user experience design experts, Nomensa.

Here are a few nuggets:

"In less than 2 years responsive web design (RWD) has become a digital design trend....If you think the number of devices that needs to be considered is mind-boggling in 2013, this is likely to be insignificant to the potential ways we will use information (and screens) in the future."

" Too many new devices with varying screen sizes are coming onto the market all the time so we need to put a metaphorical stake in the ground and move away from thinking about the “number of screens or devices...Don’t get sidetracked with the number but instead focus on the quality of the experience you want to provide across all screens – the total experience."

"RWD focuses on delivering a single unifying solution. Therefore, the context of the above question may seem a little strange. Yet, how we use and think about our devices will vary....We know that people like to browse a lot more on their tablets when they are in front of the TV. We know people like quicker (in terms of performance) experiences when they are using their smartphones. We know people despise completing forms (especially on their phones).  We must validate what we know and design with that knowledge."

"A responsive site is a must-have not a could-have: investment should reflect ambition."

"When done right, a responsive site will be a more accessible site. Responsive sites tend to provide a better and more inclusive experience which makes them more accessible across a wider range of devices compared to their non-responsive counterparts. In a nutshell, you will be providing a more digitally agnostic solution and therefore reaching a wider market-share."


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