PPC on brand names

PPC on brand names

Paying Google for clicks on your own brand name is always a painful process when you’re already sitting at the top of the free “organic” search results.


SEO tips

Useful & sensible summary of the keys to success for SEO, which we endorse:
1. Create relevant, keyword-rich product and category names, titles and descriptions.
2. Add relevant, keyword-rich content to the site.
3. Populate SEO-relevant attribute fields in your product catalog.
4. Ensure proper redirects from legacy URLs.
5. Configure 404 error pages.
6. Submit Sitemaps to search engines and directories.
7. Analyze site for broken links.
8. Fix landing pages.
9. Add tags to images and video.
10. Keep abreast of major changes in the search engine market landscape.
Of the list, numbers 1-5 are incredibly important.

Online christmas planning

I was encouraged and shocked to see that retailers should be turning their planning towards Christmas already and the hints & tips were starting to fly in already.

This year, Christmas begins a little earlier than usual on October 13th.


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