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Keakado, the leading wholesaler of fresh fruit, vegetables, juices and groceries in Qatar, appoints Screen Pages Ltd as strategic partner to create a Progressive Web App for direct to consumer eCommerce in Qatar.
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In April 2020, Abu Khalifa Trading decided to deploy an innovative retail stores’ network for trading fresh and organic products and appointed Screen Pages Ltd, one of the leading eCommerce agencies offering Progressive Web Apps, to take on the task of creating the first Progressive Web App for eCommerce in Qatar.
Starting from humble beginnings over 40 years ago in Doha, Abu Khalifa Trading Qatar’s leading importer in fresh fruits and vegetables and the key operations’ subcontractor of Mahaseel, preferred marketing and agricultural services provider in the Qatari market for the local farmers.
Through their worldwide links to first class suppliers they have sourced an increasing range of first-class quality products, which they supply nationally to a diverse range of customers.
Having had no previous online presence, ABK tasked Screen Pages with the creation of Keakado.com, one of the first Progressive Web Apps servicing consumers across any mobile device in the Middle East.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD, also referred to as responsive design) was a key focus for Perfect Moment.

Screen Pages had to ensure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from large high-resolution desktop computer monitors, to mobile phones).

Combined with Perfect Moment’s mission for accessibility, the user experience (UX) became our obsession.

The objective was to ensure the user eCommerce journey was as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst maintaining high regard for the Perfect Moment ethos.
Since launching their PWA in August 2020, they have seen:


15.5% ↑
Conversion rate of 
15.5% since launch


73% ↑
72.75% traffic from 


20% ↓
Bounce rate is 20% lower 
(than average*)
*(compared to a sample size of 20+ B2C UK sites)

Keakado Features

Some Highlights


Customers can pin the Progressive Web App to their home screens when they first visit the site and use it like any other app without having to download and install it from the app store.


Shoppers who know what they want already can easily add to basket from category pages, allowing them to complete their grocery purchases quickly and easily with fewer clicks to buy.


Customers can create shopping lists and add all to their cart with one click or select only the desired items. 
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We chose Screen Pages because of their integrity and consultative approach. We are very proud to have created one of the first PWAs in the Middle East and we look forward to seeing how our customers enjoy this exclusive experience.

Screen Pages has been instrumental in helping us create a website that is fully responsive while being tailored to the unique requirements of our business and country. 
- Ioannis Michalakakos, Keakado
Key goals for the new website included:
A consistent app like shopping experience, irrespective of the device and browser
A fast reliable shopping experience irrespective of the users connectivity
Support for B2C and B2B eCommerce through the same platform
Integration with Keakado's ERP solution (SAPB1) for stock management and fulfilment
Tailoring of complex shipping location codes to the Qatari system
Integration with checkout.com for credit card payments
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Screen Pages is thrilled to have been given this opportunity in Qatar and to be working with such an innovative, forward thinking company. Keakado.com has quality and customer service at the forefront of everything they do. This project has been ground breaking and we are sure that the Progressive Web App solution we implemented for Keakado will make waves in the region.
- Sarah Willcocks, CEO Screen Pages
Screen Pages (https://www.screenpages.com) has provided eCommerce and related value-added marketing services to online retailers since 1997. It is now one of the leading Magento Solution Partners and PWA agencies in the UK.
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