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Gardiner Pole Systems Ltd design & manufacture industry-leading window cleaning water-fed poles and window cleaning products.
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Gardiner Pole Systems has designed and brought to market various unique products. The design team are constantly working on new, unique and improved products to keep them at the forefront of the water fed pole industry and to make the working day easier for professional window cleaners.
Alongside their window cleaning business, Gardiner Pole Systems was to set up in 2005 to be the type of company that they had always looked for as window cleaners - a firm offering the best quality components at the best prices.
As all their products are in use by them in their window cleaning business, they focus on the equipment being a pleasure to use by being as lightweight as possible, without compromising quality, and this has become known in the industry as the Super-Lite® range - Water Fed Poles, Brushes & Gooseneck Systems.
Gardiner Pole Systems Ltd (2009) is a family run business with third generation family members working in the company, with the two youngest family members (14 & 15) waiting in the wings. They currently have 31 members of staff that help to keep the wheels in motion.
The Gardiner family have been professional window cleaners since 1979 and changed from traditional window cleaning to water fed pole cleaning in 2001.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD, also referred as responsive design) was a key focus for Fur Gardiner Pole Systems. Screen Pages had to ensure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from large, high-resolution desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Combined withFur Gardiner Pole Systems’ crusade for quality, the user experience (UX) became our obsession.

The objective was to ensure the user eCommerce journey was as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst maintaining high regard for Gardiner Pole Systems' innovative image.
Filterable options and easy to navigate product attributes.
Customisable products with easy to use swatches.
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Qatar Office
Al Rabeea Building 2, Al Jazeera Al Arabiya Street
Fereej Bin Omran, Street No. 362, Doha, Qatar, P.O. Box 14156,
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