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Specialising in Austin-Healey, Classic Mini, Jaguar, Mazda MX-5, MG, Morris and Triumph.​
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Since its start in 1948, and still today, Moss Motors is a company run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. Moss' customers drive and maintain vehicles that reflect golden days of British motoring and sports cars, and many of these dedicated individuals have been customers for decades.
They are perhaps the most trusted name in classic British car parts. Arguably, due to the knowledge and character of their staff, Salespeople, and Technical Support team. Many of whom have been at Moss for over 20 years, are indeed the best in the business.
In 1948 Al Moss had bought a Ford instead of an MG TC, things might have turned out very differently. Al was then a young man living in Los Angeles and the lure of the TC was irresistible. Al became an avid TC enthusiast, and after reading about the successful road rallies being held on the East Coast, in the summer of 1948 he decided to organise one himself. It was one of the first rallies to be held on the West Coast.
The rally, which ended in Santa Barbara (where we are now based), brought Al into contact with a bunch of fellow MG enthusiasts. 

He quickly discovered they all shared a common problem - service and parts for these cars were not widely available. Al saw the opportunity and opened an MG repair shop.
Our range of books, DVDs and online publications cater for all car enthusiasts. Whether its original parts catalogues, hand books or workshop manuals you’re after, a useful ‘how to’ restoration guide or just looking for that interesting coffee table book or bedtime read, we have you covered. Have a browse through our bookshop to see the latest re-issues and original publications for your vehicle.
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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD, also referred to as responsive design) was a key focus for Moss.

Screen Pages had to ensure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from large, high-resolution desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Combined with Moss' mission for accessibility, the user experience (UX) became our obsession.

The objective was to ensure the user eCommerce journey was as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst maintaining high regard for Moss' ethos.
Filterable options and easy to navigate product attributes.
Customisable products with easy to use swatches.
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