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Optimas is a provider of integrated supply chain solutions and engineering support focused on delivering fasteners and components.
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Their name, Optimas Solutions, has been selected because Optimas is Latin for "of the best," which is what they aspire to be as a company. It's also the root of the English word, ‘optimum’, which simply means "establishing the right conditions for growth and success.
It perfectly describes what Optimas aim to achieve in collaboration with their customers, supply partners and team members: provide the best avenue for growth and success.
Being an independent company gives Optimas greater flexibility to focus on providing their customers with an even better service. 

In 1967, a company called Heyco Limited started trading as the exclusive UK distributor for Heyco Inc (Jersey, USA). Since then, Heyco has built up its reputation to become a first class supplier for ‘C’ class plastic components servicing a global market, and has developed a comprehensive and diverse range of quality parts with over 10,000 product lines.
In September 2003, the Group including Heyco Ltd was acquired by Anixter International, and in 2005, Heyco Ltd changed its name to Anixter Components, further strengthening the alliance with the Anixter Group.

In May 2015 Anixter International Inc. sold its OEM Supply - Fasteners business, of which Optimas were a part, to American Industrial Partners (AIP) and a new standalone, independent organisation was formed - called Optimas Solutions.
Our global team of over 1,600 individuals understands the complexities of our customers’ industries, and clears a path that allows them to achieve their goals. They rely on us to consistently take care of the fundamental things needed to not only get by, but to excel, wherever they may be around the globe
- Optimas
Filterable options and easy to navigate product attributes.
Customisable products with easy to use swatches.
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