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Specialist Crafts

Specialist Crafts supply everyone, from home users to educational establishments including Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities, together with all kinds of institutions
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Specialist Crafts, UK’s largest supplier of Art, Craft and Design Materials, appointed Screen Pages (2016) to support, manage and further develop its websites. 

Specialist Crafts are the biggest supplier of quality Art, Crafts and Design materials to the education sector in the UK and Ireland, with recent expansion into the UAE. 
It carries over 16,000 products in stock and has an unrivalled level of technical expertise, working closely with renowned artists in specialist workshops to educate and inspire art teachers.

The business has expanded to cater for the home consumer market by the acquisition of Homecrafts.co.uk, CraftSuperstore.co.uk
As Specialist Crafts has expanded online, the need for improved e-commerce guidance and support grew. Screen Pages successfully migrated its website in late 2015 for ongoing support and development, backed by access to the resources, experience and structured support channels that Screen Pages as a Gold certified Magento partner offers, such as professional support and service for Magento, as well as long-term attention to a client’s needs for flexibility and ease of maintenance.
Roger Willcocks, former director at Screen Pages said, “Specialist Crafts is a great example of a successful family business that has grown over the years, developing globally with a loyal customer base. It’s exciting to work with Specialist Crafts’ e-commerce team to provide the right level of advice, technical resource and management to support its ambitions.”
“Our business was expanding rapidly on Magento, but we needed access to greater e-commerce and Magento experience backed by professional development and a structured project and support team. We could see that Screen Pages – as a Gold Magento partner – could provide us this. We have been exceptionally pleased with the results so far: the sites are running smoothly, quickly and we can see positive results already.”
- Ann McClure, Head of Marketing of Specialist Crafts

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design (RWD, also referred to as responsive design) was a key focus for Specialist Crafts.

Screen Pages had to ensure an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from large, high-resolution desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

Combined with Specialist Crafts’ mission for accessibility, the user experience (UX) became our obsession.

The objective was to ensure the user eCommerce journey was as streamlined and efficient as possible, whilst maintaining high regard for Specialist Crafts ethos.
Filterable options and easy to navigate product attributes.
Customisable products with easy to use swatches.

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