What we do

Screen Pages create websites that are specifically designed to increase your online sales & exceed your business goals

Screen Pages offers its clients complete freedom in search, navigation and product layout. Menus, searches and other navigation tools can be tailored to any catalogue, product range and style.

Simple tools are also provided for managing product information which puts your range across in the best possible light: categorisation, name and description, customer testimonials, images (of all sizes and with special effects), pricing and discounts, cross-sells/linked products and keywords.

How do we do this?


  • We run workshops to understand your brand assets & convert them into designs that sell well
  • We review your product range and categorisation, and marry this with how your customers browse, search & filter
  • We build your site using a “best practice”, functionality rich and extensible e-commerce platform
  • We project manage your website project end-to-end to ensure on time and on budget delivery of a fully working, complete site
  • We ensure your site contains the right “keywords” in the right places, and give you full control over SEO on your site
  • We train you in how to manage and update your website, products, copy, promotions and business parameters
  • We provide ongoing hand-holding, advice and support – blending the commercial with marketing, technical, analytical and creative.

Do you have something we could help you with?

Use your site to promote and sell

Screen Pages provides important campaigning tools to increase sales, enhance order values and boost conversion ratios. First, Screen Pages has unparalleled expertise in making sure your catalogue products and services perform well in the search engines: we’ll pretty much guarantee that they will all be listed automatically. Plus, we can devise search engine optimisation strategies to boost your site’s overall relevance and popularity – meaning more visitors when your product categories and “keywords” are entered.

Sites should take every opportunity to sell your range: deploy featured products, what’s new, sales, special offers, cross-sells and up- sells and best-seller lists.

Popular amongst the sales and marketing techniques is cross-selling: products can be linked to encourage additional purchases (“you might also like”). These can also be predicted automatically (“customers who bought this also bought”) or in best seller lists.


Other approaches include targeted campaigns based upon customer profiles: ads, discounts and emails. Content and product, as well as the promotions behind them, can be targeted at different customers based upon their profiles, offering a truly personalised online shopping experience. For example, discounts – based on powerful business rules (buy one, get this free; get 10% off; spend x, get £y off etc) – can be set-up and targeted at different customers and applied automatically.

Each page is a mixture of product information from your catalogue, specific content triggered by cross-sells and other campaigns, as well as text and images under client control.

Provide real service online

Email marketing is now recognised as one of the most effective channels of communication with your customers: Screen Pages can design, manage lists, broadcast and track email campaigns featuring your sales, latest products or news.

Screen Commerce allows clients to create a wide range of promotions and offers. These can be in conjunction with catalogues (media and offer codes), off-the-page advertising, affiliate programs or pay-per-click advertising. All visitor sources are stored and can be tracked against sales.

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