B2C eCommerce benchmark data [Q1 2020]

Posted by Screen Pages on 02/04/2020

Check out our Google Analytics benchmark data for January – March 2020 for B2C eCommerce websites.

The businesses indexed are limited to multichannel retailers whose online sales range up to £20 million per annum with average order values of £170. Their websites are all built on the eCommerce platform Magento (an Adobe company), on either version 1 or 2. In aggregate, this latest report tracks the behaviour of almost 6 million website visitors across 26 websites.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Donald Russell, Micro Scooters, Perfect Moment and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs Average
Average order value £170
£ per visit £1.84
Conversion rate 1.79%
Engagement/bounce Average
Bounce rate 46.71%
Search results page bounce 22.5%
Traffic sources = organic search Average
% of visits 48%
Bounce rate 44%
Conversion rate 1.58%
Traffic sources = paid search Average
% of visits 11%
Bounce rate 41%
Conversion rate 3.82%
Traffic sources = email Average
% of visits 11%
Bounce rate 48%
Conversion rate 2.22%
Traffic sources = direct Average
% of visits 15%
Bounce rate 52%
Conversion rate 2.09%
Traffic sources = referrals Average
% of visits 6%
Bounce rate 44%
Conversion rate 2.53%

Standout figures

  • Likely in part due to the consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak, overall figures have dropped in comparison to last quarter but are still higher than Q1 of 2019.
  • Average Order Values, £ per visit and conversion rates have fallen marginally from last quarter.
  • The % of visits from paid search fell but paid search converted the highest and had the lowest bounce rate, indicating that well-targeted advertising can yield great results.
  • Email conversion decreased by half compared to last quarter, most likely due to Christmas trading.
  • Bounce rates on search were 22.5% which means merchants might need to improve their search results pages.

Desktop usage


% of visits


Bounce on desktop %


Conversion on desktop %


Tablet usage


% of visits


Bounce on tablet %


Conversion on tablet %


Mobile usage


% of visits


Bounce on mobile %


Conversion on mobile %


Standout figures

  • Conversion on desktop is still the highest of all devices.
  • Traffic from mobile devices continues to grow but still has the highest bounce rate and lowest conversion rate.
  • Amongst these merchants, mobile conversion ranged from 0.2% to 4.9% indicating that certain merchants are doing a much better job on mobile than others.


Site search usage

Conversion Rate from site search

Bounce Rate from site search













Standout figures

  • Compared to the conversion rates included in Tables 1 and 2, it is evident that site search converts at a much higher rate across all devices.
  • Site search usage this quarter was greater than Q4 2019 both on tablet and on mobile.

Disclaimer: Google Analytics data is not always 100% accurate.

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