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What kind of person would be suitable for the day-to-day management and operation of a Magento website?

We are often asked what kind of person would be suitable for the day-to-day management and operation of a Magento website - or even a job description for staff recruitment purposes. At Screen Pages, we spend a lot of time interacting with such folk using Magento day-to-day for their e-commerce activities, so we have built up a clear picture of what it takes to be effective. Bear in mind that - day-to-day - there's going to be a lot of ongoing change and updates, working in the Magento Admin Panel and managing e-commerce processes operationally (as opposed to strategic or conceptual activities).

Here's the ideal description, based on feedback from our project and account management teams as well as our customer support staff who have been working with 50+ businesses tirelessly to give them the tools, resources and support to be successful (& self-sufficient) with their Magento websites. Some clients get on extremely well, others find it hard: this description will help you focus on what matters - in our humble experience.

Summary of role

  • Generate and update website content (products, content, promotions)
  • Work with agencies to build traffic & sales via the website (PPC agency, email marketing provider, e-commerce provider, etc)
  • Plan, define and implement website changes and functional improvements
  • Maintain and update the online marketing plan for the website
  • Monitor key performance indicators on the website and develop plans to improve them

Key Experience

  • Understanding of the disciplines required to drive traffic to retail websites (ppc, email marketing, link generation, online pr, SEO, offline marketing and pr, affiliate programmes, etc)
  • Understanding of order management/customer fulfilment in an e-commerce context
  • Experience using packages like Excel and Photoshop
  • Computer literate and understanding of basic web technologies (FTP, browsers, basic HTML, data files)
  • Familiar with data management
  • Previous experience of website or e-commerce CMS
  • Basic understanding of Google products such as Webmaster Tools & Analytics would be desirable
  • Experience of Magento would be a plus

Detailed responsibilities would include:


  • Update product information and content on the website
  • Create banners, images, promotions etc for display on the website (using products like Photoshop)
  • Update content managed areas (copy & artwork)
  • Manage website configuration & parameters (eg payment options, stock management)
  • Investigate and report any operational/technical issues arising
  • Scope and document ongoing website functional projects /improvements
  • Test and deploy functional projects /improvements
  • Liaise with e-commerce agency regarding the day to day management of the website
  • Liaise with internal resources regarding the day to day management of the website
  • Evaluate approaches & strategies to improve website sales conversions & customer engagement


  • Understand and develop sources of traffic (& the factors that influence it): email, SEO, PPC, affiliates, social media, catalogues etc
  • Liaise with agencies or in-house teams to implement and support campaigns
  • Investigate, evaluate and assess new ways of generating additional traffic/orders
  • Produce reports to analyse the performance of all online marketing campaigns and promotions (via reports, analytics, surveys etc)


  • To meet and exceed all agreed performance objectives (sales, conversions, engagement)
  • Continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  • Meet internal service levels for website activity and management
  • Maintaining an excellent level of service to the business

Happy recruiting!

By Roger Willcocks

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