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COVID-19 Statement

26th June 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic enters is next phase, we wanted to clarify how we’ve adapted our business and how we see things working over the coming months as life starts to return to normal.

Even through these unusual times and those to come, we’re trying to keep things as close to business as usual as possible and have been lucky that the work we do has transitioned to a fully remote model.

As we now approach the relaxing of lockdown restrictions, we wanted to set out some of the principles we’ll be applying as the Screen Pages office starts to re-open to staff and visitors.


To minimise the risks involved in working during this pandemic, Screen Pages will be moving to a two-shift system. These shift groups will all continue to work our normal business hours and provide our full range of services, but they will do so with one group working from home and the other, from the office.

In addition to adopting a comprehensive suite of measures to manage and reduce the risk of any spread of the infection, we feel this is the best way to adapt to the new normal we find ourselves in.


For the time being, we will be continuing to discourage any unnecessary face to face meetings and continue to make use of the video conferencing services that we’ve all been using over the last few months.

We recognise that sometimes, a face to face meeting is the best way to get things done and so if one is required, we’ll be asking our visitors to be aware of the following:

  • Limiting the number of people visiting the office to the absolute minimum
  • Understanding and following our policies on:
    • Hand washing and sanitizing
    • Social distancing
    • The use of facemasks where appropriate
  • Provision of contact information in case a “track and trace” request is made

Our goal is to keep everyone safe and well so that we can keep providing you with the same service and expertise you know and expect from us.

These are difficult times for everyone, so please take care of yourself and those around you.

Kind regards,

Screen Pages

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