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Interesting summary of what's coming next in e-commerce. "Just as the evolution of the speed-skating boot set new standards for the sport, innovation in today's constantly evolving e-commerce landscape has worked as a catalyst to move it forward. E-commerce practitioners from all industries need to be ready to step up and embrace innovation as a means of staying ahead of the game," advises the article.

These ten are summarised from E-commerce Times:
* Video Solutions - use video to support & sell
* Customer Service - think through & communicate your proposition
* Real-World Guided Selling - recommendation/guiding tools
* Multi-Store Retailing - micro-sites & virtual storefronts
* User-Interface Design - hover, zoom, usability etc
* Navigation Tools - better navigation, links, site organisation
* Effective Merchandising - design, pricing, promotions and display
* Social Shopping - Web 2.0 & social media/networking
* Customer Loyalty - techniques for rewarding
But, as in all things, test & measure.

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