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Magento Commerce 2.2

Magento Commerce 2.2 empowers companies to get to market quickly for an industry-leading total cost of ownership. It does this by providing a truly unique set of capabilities:

  • Powerful set of B2B functionality available out-of-the-box for no additional charge.
  • Ability to create compelling experiences, leveraging years of Magento expertise in B2C selling.
  • Easy integration with any backend system due to Magento’s open platform, APIs, and extensive marketplace of extensions.
  • Support for B2B and B2C sites on the same platform, reducing complexity and enabling more efficient operations.
  • User-friendly business intelligence tools that offer insights to fuel sales growth.

What’s new in Magento Commerce 2.2?

  • Built-in B2B functionality for a faster time-to-market and lower TCO.
  • Social marketing tools to connect with customers and increase sales.
  • Integrated fraud protection that enables higher order acceptance rates with lower risk.
  • Optimized performance, scalability, and faster deployments for outstanding shopping experiences.
  • Platform enhancements to improve developer experience and enhance product quality and security.

Core features

  • Company account management - Support sales to companies with multiple buyers and varying organisational structures. Companies can set different roles and permissions to control the actions each buyer can take.
  • Custom catalogues and pricing - Assign custom catalogues and price lists to groups of customers or individual companies to ensure unique contract terms are supported online.
  • Payment on account -  Increase purchasing by extending credit to customers. Stay in control with tools to monitor available credit and prevent purchases when credit limits are exceeded.
  • Quoting - Efficiently manage quote requests and negotiate pricing using a streamlined workflow. Quotes are also supported by APIs so they can be processed by an external system.
  • Quick ordering - Drive recurring revenue with fast, friction-free ordering. Customers can enter or upload SKUs, create requisition lists for frequently purchased items, or re-order previous orders to accelerate the purchase process.
  • Backend integration - Easily integrate with any ERP, CRM or other backend systems using extensive APIs and off-the-shelf extensions.
  • Multi-channel support - Boost efficiency and present a more consistent brand experience by serving B2B and B2C customers, multiple brands, and multiple geographies with the same platform.

Social Marketing:

Magento Social makes it easier for merchants to engage with their current customers and acquire new ones via social channels. Magento Social includes the ability to:

Automatically create a Facebook Store that seamlessly syncs with a Magento Commerce product catalogue.
Create and run targeted social ad campaigns that are populated with product images and descriptions from Magento Commerce.

Leverage machine learning technology to monitor social ad performance and automatically allocate ad spend toward the best performing products and categories.

Fraud Protection:

Magento Commerce 2.2 integrates industry-leading Signifyd fraud protection to enable customers to:

Accept more orders with zero fraud risk. Signifyd backs every order it approves and will pay the merchant for any chargeback fees and shipping costs within 48 hours.
Automatically send orders to be reviewed by Signifyd in real-time and see their Guarantee decisions in the Magento Admin.

Access Signifyd’s detailed fraud analysis, request a re-review, or submit a chargeback for reimbursement by simply clicking on the Guarantee decision in the Magento Admin.

Save time and resources by automating back office tasks based on Signifyd’s decision, such as automatically shipping good orders and identifying fraudulent ones for cancellation.
Get set up in minutes with no installation or development required.


Magento Commerce 2.2 includes a range of performance and scalability improvements:

  • Indexer improvements enable shoppers to browse and buy on storefronts while indexers are running with no visible impact.
  • The B2B-ready cart now supports large orders with up to 300 line items.
  • Enhanced caching enables higher “hit rates” for faster page loading.
  • Pipeline deployment minimises production downtime when deploying site updates and enables easier configuration management across environments.

How does Magento Commerce 2.2 differ from Magento Open Source 2.2?

Magento Open Source does NOT include B2B capabilities or mass asynchronous updates in the Admin panel or the following features which are only available in Magento Commerce:

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