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Magento Live 2014 [London]: commercial re-cap

We attended Magento Live in London on the 15th July (at the Waterloo Plaza Hotel). The event was certainly on a grander scale than previous Magento events, with a greater concentration of material & staff from Ebay Enterprise (the wider business unit in which Magento sits).

There were about 200 merchants present - we'd guess - and a similar number of partners, developers and service providers.

In the main Magento sessions, we heard about the strong progress from Craig Hayman (@chayman), President eBay Enterprise:

- 30% of the top 100k sites in the Alexa 1m use Magento. This increases to 42% in the UK
- It's comfortably the No.1 for mid-size businesses in the USA and 2nd= in Europe (with IBM).
- Magento Enterprise sites are comfortably scaling from $500k sales per annum up to $600m
- 3,000 Magento Enterprise installations (up by 50% from last year), transacting about $25bn per annum
- There are over 3,000 certified developers
- THere are over 6,000 extensions
- 34% of responsive websites in the Alexa 1m are on Magento
- 56% of the Fortune 100 websites are responsive: only 6% of SME websites are responsive

Magento Live 2014

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