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The company behind Magento, Varien, has received a major capital investment, which will help put in on a stronger footing relative to the enterprise e-commerce players.
Screen Pages has been working with Magento for over a year now and has probably completed more bespoke Magento implementations than any other e-commerce service provider in the UK. We are thrilled that the platform and Varien are growing from strength to strength.

The official story is:
Plain and simple - at Magento we look at everything we do against one measuring stick - "enabling the eCommerce ecosystem". Today we announced something that will further help us all continue to make this come true.
As you may have seen in our regulatory filing, Magento has recently received a $22.5 million capital investment. While the terms of the deal are confidential, we are extremely excited about this investment and we want to share with you, our partner, some of the context of this recent investment:
- It is the first investment into our company in our 9+ year history.
- It is a minority investment.
- We have always been and continue to be profitable and growing.
This capital will give us an even stronger foundation for growth as Magento continues to be adopted worldwide and we continue to deliver on our ongoing goal of "enabling the eCommerce Ecosystem".
This capital investment will also allow us to further strengthen our resources to help us reach our goals for 2010 and the coming years. Our tremendous growth rate can be seen in our metrics:
- Magento has been downloaded over 1.5 million times.
- Magento is in active use by over 60,000 merchants who sell online.
- Magento has an active community of over 150,000 members and our forums are visited daily by tens of thousands of developers.
- Our passionate users have translated the product into more than 65 languages
- Magento has over 150 partners around the world delivering Magento to large and small merchants throughout the US, Europe & Asia.
- Many of the world's best brands and emerging eCommerce leaders are now running their eCommerce stores on Magento.
- ...and yes, the word "Magento" has a higher Google trend ranking than the word "eCommerce":

The BLUE line is Magento, the ORGANGE is Ecommerce.
See http://www.google.com/trends?q=magento%2C+ecommerce
What does it mean to "enable the eCommerce ecosystem"? It's about building Magento into a company that supports and facilitates the growth and vision of our passionate eCommerce users, developers, partners, and merchants around the world.
We have come a long way in a short time and our growth is fantastic - yet there is no shortage of initiatives that we remain focused on to achieve our goals and ensure our mutual success.

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