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Screen Pages has added video to the Wallace Sacks e-commerce website. Video content on shopping sites increases engagement and enhances the shopping experience - ultimately improving website conversion ratios.

Wallace Sacks has expanded rapidly over the past few years and is now a leading online retailer of linens (bed linens, sheets, towels etc) as well as a range of other household furnishings.

Screen Pages has partnered with Treepodia to provide swift integration of its e-commerce video service with the Magento e-commerce platform.

Videos are generated automatically using website product images and captions provided in a datafeed. The video is loaded onto product pages and served from Treepodia's hosted service.

The automated nature of the Treepodia e-commerce video platform enables online merchants to cover their entire product catalog with video content at an affordable price with modest setup costs and effort.

Video on e-commerce websites helps online retailers improve their merchandising offer and generally enhances the customer's shopping experience.

Google is very keen on video content - offering specific search results for it - so there are important SEO benefits to be gained.

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