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Screen Pages, the award-winning commerce service provider, has been appointed a Magento Gold Solution Partner.

Screen Pages qualified for Gold partnership based in part on its exceptional client satisfaction ratings, its success in securing and implementing Magento Enterprise projects and its number of certified developers. Formally, a Silver Partner, Screen Pages has conducted 15 Magento Enterprise projects and now as 10 Certified Developers.

Magento’s partnership team has worked hard at improving and structuring its partner eco-system and pro-actively manages the quality of partners, using customer satisfaction surveys and developer certification as important yardsticks of quality, as well as the size and quantity of implementations to gauge experience.

Screen Pages has been deploying e-commerce websites using Magento since early 2009 and has conducted over 60 implementations, managing over 40 active clients via its in-house, UK-based team of over 20 professionals.

“We have invested significantly in Magento and built an entire business around it over the past 4 years,” said Sarah Willcocks, director of Screen Pages. “It’s not just a question of building websites: we’ve had to develop and manage an organisation, systems and processes to provide functionally complex, scaleable and well-maintained and well-supported e-commerce websites based on Magento. Our Gold Partner status recognizes the quality and reliability of our Magento e-commerce business.”

More information can be seen on the Magento website.

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