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Screen Pages' Tadhg Bowe introduces coding in local school

In early December many schools throughout the country took part in a worldwide initiative to teach young people about computer coding. Tadhg Bowe who is a lead developer at Screen Pages and has worked on the Micro-Scooters  website spent an exciting hour with the year 1 children at Shalford Infant School in Surrey.

During the hour of code Tadhg showed the children the Micro-Scooters website. Tadhg also created a custom built Micro-Scooters page to help the children understand how code works. The children had to validate how many parts were needed for a sparkling new scooter starting with the grips and then the stem, deck, brake and wheels. They even invented some new exciting colours for the future!

The hour of code was a great success. “The children were so well behaved and very interested. The future of code is safe!” Tadhg admitted afterwards.


Read the article on the Micro-scooters website.

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