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Van Dal featured in Reward Points best practice [@sweettooth]

We are pleased to see that Van Dal has been singled out by loyalty expert Sweet Tooth for it's reward/points programme.

Van Dal loyalty scheme

Here's a summary:

The first program example on the list that is not based in the United States. Van-Dal Shoes are a UK based shoe company that has a great loyalty program. The program is great because it rewards for some unique customer actions, and has one of my favourite explainer pages.

There are two customer actions that Van-Dal rewards for that we have not yet talked about; those are product reviews, and order values. Rewarding for product reviews creates credibility, according to Marketing Land, 90% of customers say they impact a purchase decision.

Along with rewarding reviews, Van-Dal also rewards order value. This is giving extra points when a customers order exceeds a certain value. Rewarding this action is great at driving additional value from your program and increasing a customer’s lifetime value.  Discover what the average order size is for your store, then set extra points for orders 10% – 15% higher than that. This loyalty program is a great example of how a program can help you establish credibility and increase order size.

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