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E-commerce post-sales follow-up emails [@econsultancy study]

What kind of email follow-up do your customers get after they make a purchase? David Moth at Econsultancy looked at Schuh, Selfridges and Mango & catalogued the different automated email follow-ups that "ranged from excellent to just plain adequate."

* Shuh sent three emails and a text message updating on progress of an order that took just over 2 days to arrive. After that, 2 more emails confirmed delivery and explained the returns process. Full marks? Not quite - the emails came from different senders and the subject lines were sparse

* Selfridges sent a single classy email: but that was for "click and collect"

* Mango's were good (perfunctory), but had a broken link and didn't provide delivery information.

Our advice:

1. Read the whole article and harvest the best material from each. Magento Enterprise has a good follow-up email system (as do any of the email platforms that work well with it, such as Dotmailer and these emails can include dynamic content and whose copy and imagery can easily edited to include returns information, FAQs and other pertinent customer service material. Magento Community lacks this, but extensions such as Aheadworks Follow-Up Email offer similar functionality.

2. See our article also on customising Magento transactional emails.


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