eCommerce benchmarks Oct – Dec 2017

Posted by Screen Pages on 28/02/18

Check out the latest quarterly eCommerce benchmark data regarding visitor sources and behaviour on conversions for retail eCommerce websites.

The businesses indexed are limited to multichannel retailers whose online sales range up to £15m per annum with average order values of £136. Their websites are all built on the eCommerce platform Magento. In aggregate, this latest report tracks the behaviour of 5.2 million website visitors across 19 businesses.

Online retailers whose data was benchmarked include Margaret Howell, Bella di Notte, Christopher Ward, Donald Russell, Loake Shoes, Micro-Scooters, Van Dal Shoes, Force 4, Moss Europe, the RSPB, Really Wild Clothing, Salter and This Works.

The data includes statistics regarding traffic sources and mobile usage, website engagement & conversion rates.

Overall KPIs 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Average order value £43.57 £191 £136.22
£ per visit £1.21 £2.38 £2.11
Conversion rates 0.94% 4.18% 2.72%
Engagement/bounce 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce rate 33.55% 55.48% 44.83%
Home page bounce 12.95% 17.82% 18.90%
Traffic sources = organic search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 29% 51% 43%
Bounce rate 30% 46% 40%
Conversion rate 0.86% 4.01% 2.29%
Traffic sources = paid search 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 5% 27% 16%
Bounce rate 32% 66% 48%
Conversion rate 0.8% 4.79% 3.52%
Traffic sources = email 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 5% 21% 15.8%
Bounce rate 35% 44% 40%
Conversion rate 1.25% 3.95% 3.56%
Traffic sources = direct 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 12% 19% 16%
Bounce rate 41% 56% 49%
Conversion rate 0.8% 5.09% 2.64%
Traffic sources = referrals 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
% of visits 5% 11% 9%
Bounce rate 35% 50% 44%
Conversion rate 0.91% 2.53% 3.27%

Stand-out out figures

  • Overall conversions averaged at 2.72%, ranging from 0.36% to 9.13%.  This represented an increase on the previous 3 months due to Christmas trading.
  • The average £ per visit was £2.11 (also due to Christmas trading).
  • Email remained the best source of revenues, converting at 3.56% on average, but only just compared to paid search which converted at 3.52% on average. Two businesses included in the sample had at least 50%+ of their traffic from email, with one of those enjoying conversion rates of 10.44%.  The highest conversion rate for email was 13.22%.
  • Paid search produced an average of 16% of all visits, converting at 3.52%. Four businesses enjoyed conversion rates on paid traffic of well over 5% with the highest being 11.08%.
  • Bounce rates (as a measure of engagement) showed a large gap between home pages (which get a lot of marketing attention) and all other pages: 18.9% versus 44.83%).  Three merchants had bounce rates of over 60% on other pages which indicates a requirement for more engaging content throughout the site as a significant amount of traffic comes directly into category and product pages.
Desktop usage 1st Quartile          3rd Quartile          Average     
Bounce on desktop % 31.88% 49.64% 42.37%
Conversion on desktop % 1.32% 5.69% 4%
Tablet usage 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce on tablet % 37.96% 45.68% 42.92%
Conversion on tablet % 0.8% 4.49% 2.9%
Mobile usage 1st Quartile 3rd Quartile Average
Bounce on mobile % 39.39% 60.48% 50.7%
Conversion on mobile % 0.33% 1.06% 1.1%

Standout figures

Bounce rates remain lowest and conversions highest on desktops which is no surprise.  However, conversion rates on mobile continue to rise with three businesses were seeing conversion ratios in excess of 3% (compared to 2% in the previous 3 months) with the highest being 3.7% which is significantly higher than the average conversion rate of 2.72% across all merchants in the sample.

By Sarah Willcocks, CEO

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