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http://www.internetretailing.net/news/research-shows-how-email-campaigns-drive-retail-salesReceiving permission-based email makes shoppers more likely to do business with a retailer, generates a more favourable opinion of the retailer and fosters a stronger sense of loyalty to the retailer's brand, according to new research from Epsilon.

Data comes from full study from Epsilon on the effectiveness of email marketing in the retail sector.
56% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a retailer who sends them email. Additionally, 52% said they have a more favourable opinion of the retail companies that send them email because of the communications they receive.
The research also found that:
87% of respondents who receive permission-based email from retail companies said email is a great way to learn about new products
63% of those who receive permission-based email from retail companies said they want to receive personalised content based on their website activity and past purchases.
The researchers also asked respondents about the actions they take as a result of receiving permission-based email from a retailer. They found that:
88% download/print a voucher
79% click a link in an email to learn more
75% purchase a product online
69% research retail locations that carry a product
67% purchase a product offline
60% try a new product for the first time
55% share a voucher or forward the email
33% type/copy the URL into their browser

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